Christmas Gift to our Goners

cover-dc-christmas-2013Hello there, Goners. Sean and Dave here with a gift for the holiday season: a sampling of four of our favorite Dark Crossings tales — because nothing says Christmas quite like zombies, serial killers, jealous lovers, and monsters lurking in the woods!

Merry Christmas (or happy whatever else you might be celebrating) and Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you in 2014 with returns of all of your favorite series, and some new stuff, too!

(Note: This is a limited time free offer. Make sure you download this ebook soon. We’ll be removing links on January 1, 2014)

As always, thank you for reading!

Sean and Dave


CHRIS WAKES UP — Chris wakes up a zombie, alone, and hungry. As he struggles to hold onto his humanity, he finds himself the unlikely protector of a young girl seeking safety.

MONSTERS — 10-year old Sheldon Harrison is afraid of the monster rumored to live in the woods.

But that monster isn’t as scary as the bullies which torment him. And the only way to avoid the bullies? To take a shortcut . . . through the woods.

A VERY BORICIO CHRISTMAS — Everyone’s favorite serial killer from “Yesterday’s Gone” is feeling in the holiday spirit, which, of course, has a very different meaning when you’re Boricio Wolfe.

THE UGLY TRUTH — Jeff is certain that Becca is cheating on him. If only he can know for certain. He soon finds a solution — a special tea which can help reveal the truth. But if Becca lies, the tea will become poison.

Download the book at the links below until January 1, 2014:

MOBI file (for Kindle readers)

EPUB file (for most other readers)

PDF (for those who don’t want to deal with sideloading into a device)

Here’s some tips on side loading to Kindle devices.

If you have another device, and don’t know how to side load, simply search Google or Youtube for: “side load to (insert your device type here)”

7 responses to Christmas Gift to our Goners

  1. Jon...

    Thanks the freebie, and thanks again for all the self publishing podcast sillyness. I’m a big fan of Jonny’s and I found you guys through him. Loving the books, loving what your doing and I hope you can keep doing it for as long as wish.

    Love & best wishes for the holidays! 😎

  2. kellie

    just downloaded, thank you so much!! I need to go back to where I’ve left off with everything you’ve written, down load and get caught up! Time has gotten away…

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