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15 responses to Be A Goner

  1. ali lloyd

    Am recommemdoing the yg series to all myfriends relatives and work colleagues.
    Just finished reading series 1-3 of yg. Its genius. I love all the twists with luca and cant wait for aeason 4 to read how “our earth” copes with the darkness which has manifested itself inside Boricio Bishop.

    I am going to have to read the last part of ssn 3 to find out what happened to our Boricio. I must have missed something along the way.

    Cant wait for next summer to download season 4. Just wish we could get the new episodes in the uk at the same time as the us. But it will definately be worth the wait

    In the meantime i have joined you on fb and twitter and downloaded what would boricio do for some more “Beer battered bull#### haha

    • thedavidwwright

      Hi Ali, thank you for the nice words. Sorry I missed your comment — I didn’t get an email alert. At any rate, our episodes appear at the same time worldwide, give or take a few hours. The only time non US readers have to wait is with our 47North serials for the Kindle Serials program (which, for us is only Z 2134 and Monstrous) which we have no control over how those are distributed. Everything else we write is released at the same time for everyone! Thanks again for writing. – dave

  2. Brandy Yassa

    Hi guys! I’m just dropping a line cuz I don’t seem to have received my copy of that short story you sent out to all us ‘goners’ this Christmas. Would u mind very much re-sending it again (as I’m sure you must have already…I most likely didn’t enter my correct email address when I signed up!)? I about pulled my hair out when I discovered I missed the free stories at Halloween!! I just about have all you’ve written, except for the short stories collections, and perhaps something else I’ve missed.
    I really have enjoyed all I’ve read up to this point, and am so pleased for the both of you (& your families!) that things are starting to look up as far as getting your work out to ever larger audiences!
    A very merry Christmas and a wildly successful new year to both you and your families!
    Warmest regards,
    Brandy Yassa
    A ‘Goner’ for life! (-;

    • thedavidwwright

      Thank you for the kind words, Brandy! Sent the story to you. Let me know if there’s any issues. Take care,

  3. Michelle

    Any hints on when the next yesterday’s gone will be out? Whitespace? I am so hooked I hate waiting! Love love love your books. I guess I will continue with available darkness until then! Such a tease! Keep up the awesome work!

    • DavidWwright

      Hi. We’ve added a release schedule on the sidebar which you can check for the latest publication dates as far out as we have them planned. WhiteSpace: Season Two will be in a few weeks. Yesterday’s Gone will be this summer. Thank you.

  4. mk

    Why ruin White Space season 2 by adding the sex scene of (Editor’s note: name redacted so as not to spoil a plot point) and his friend? We knew Jon and Cassidy had sex w/o you giving us the details. So why ruin this series for me by writing that? Pitiful.

  5. mk

    If you have to ask, you will never get it. I overlooked the bad words, but the sex scenes were not needed. Insulting as a reader. Purely disgusting as a Christian.

  6. Heidi

    Love these! Very impressed! I have been reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz since I was in Junior High. I have every intention of reading everything I can find with your names on it!

    • DavidWwright

      Thanks, Heidi! We grew up with the same influences, so we’re honored that you like our stuff.

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