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All great stories have a beginning. Ours is no different.

Sean and I (David) met at turning points in both our lives. Sean had decided to close the doors of a successful daycare in pursuit of following his dream of being a writer. I had just lost my job as a reporter at a small newspaper when it closed its doors.

Though we didn’t yet know one another, and lived on different sides of the country, we had a few things in common. We were writers and fathers. And we NEEDED to succeed at writing.


I decided I’d write a small humor blog with heart and try to land a column job somewhere. I even had a domain name in mind, WriterDad.com

I was on the sales page, ready to click “Buy.”

But then I had another idea for a domain name, and bought that instead.

A few weeks later, I regretted my decision and wanted to go back and grab  the WriterDad domain.

One problem . . . it was gone.

Curious what bastard bought MY domain name, I went to the site. And that’s how I found Sean.

My initial anger turned to admiration and respect. He was doing exactly what I wanted to do! And I felt like I was reading missives from a long lost creative brother.

Meanwhile, I had decided to buy another name, BloggerDad, and do what I planned to do, even if I didn’t like the name as much as WriterDad.

A few weeks later, I emailed Sean to tell him the story of how he “stole” my domain.

We hit it off immediately. One email turned to another, and we found something else we had in common. On a whim, we decided to try writing something together, to see what happens.

The result was our first novel, the vampire thriller Available Darkness. We sat on it a while, with dreams of selling it to a publisher.

But then something amazing happened…


A revolution was taking place.

EBooks had become huge, something which many thought would be a few more years away. Suddenly, thanks mostly to Amazon and its Kindle, authors were given the ability to reach millions of readers . . . without a publisher!

Writers could suddenly find and cultivate their own audiences, without having to worry whether a publishing house was willing to take a chance on them.

Our time had come!

We finished Available Darkness and then got to work on our next big idea . . . serialization.

Sean and I are HUGE fans of serialized fiction, especially TV series such as LOST, Homicide, The Wire, Carnivale, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Deadwood, FRINGE, and a ton of other great shows. We’ve always wanted to write TV shows.

What if we brought what we loved about TV to books?

Powerful stories, great characters, and killer WTF endings.

Big Publishing had more or less given up on serialized books, even after Stephen King found success with serializing The Green Mile. But now that Amazon had given authors the keys to reaching readers directly, we decided we’d do something we’ve both always wanted to do . . . write a serial.

We launched the post-apocalyptic serial thriller Yesterday’s Gone last fall, and in the first week of November, we had the Number One Free Horror title on Amazon for Episode One. The free title introduced us to thousands of new readers and our paid books began to sell better than ever as readers began to take notice.

We launched the second season of Yesterday’s Gone in January 2012, and we were suddenly selling enough copies of our fiction to support us!

And now that we’re making a living at this, we can write even more!

We’re kicking off more serialized titles in 2012, with a new book out EVERY TUESDAY!

Thank you, reader, for helping us realize our dreams. We appreciate you taking the time to step into these worlds we’re creating. Thank you for joining us on the ride.


David Wright is a former newspaper reporter and editorial cartoonist.

His comic strip Todd and Penguin had been syndicated by KeenSpot Entertainment site since 2005 until he took a prolonged hiatus in 2008. and has appeared in several newspapers and collected in the book Todd and Penguin:Embrace Your Inner Dork, published by KeenSpot.

David lives on the east coast and is married with a three year old son and two insane cats.

Sean Platt started out with a bang with Writer Dad late in the summer of 2008. He spent the following year building websites, writing copy, and working on books with his partner, David. In addition to running a syndicate of online sites with Dave, Sean is also a frequent contributor to Copyblogger.

Sean lives in Ohio with his wife, daughter and son. He has no cats.

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