Cover for Z 2134z 2134 is a thrilling new zombie serial in the spirit of 1984, The Walking Dead, and The Hunger Games, from the writers of the post-apocalyptic smash hit serial, Yesterday’s Gone.

It is the year 2134 in a dystopian America, following a series of zombie plagues which infected and decimated much of the world’s population starting 100 years ago.

Those left, formed six walled Cities throughout the continent, all under the rule of a totalitarian government which enforces strict control over its populace.

You must obey your government.

You must be a good citizen.

You must be a productive citizen.

You must not break the law.

Or The City Watch will find you and arrest you.

Jonah Lovecraft, a former Watcher, was arrested for the murder of his wife. And like most criminals, he has one chance at freedom — to participate in The Darwin Games, a televised survival show which pits two players from each city against one another in The Barrens, the uninhabited areas outside the City Walls.

He’ll also have to face another enemy — the zombies which still roam The Barrens.

As he fights for his freedom against impossible odds, his daughter, Anastasia, stumbles into people who have information about her father — information which will change her life forever.

But it will also put her in the crosshairs of her father’s enemies.

Z 2134 is our first serial published by 47North, and is available exclusively at Amazon, in both print and e-book editions.

US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009KTA8YA/

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009KTA8YA/


4 responses to Z2134

  1. Margaret Lewis

    I can’t wait!!!!!!! I even gotten my husband and several co-workers hooked on this series, my husband keeps asking me to check if there is any news as to when season 2 is coming out.

  2. heather

    That sounds like a really good story and I would love to purchase and read it……but I don’t have a kindle. I hope that future publications will be made more widely available.

    • DavidWwright

      47North is an Amazon company, and they have exclusive rights to the Z series. HOWEVER, you can get the print edition from Amazon, or read the ebook on the free Kindle app on your computer, phone, or other tablet if you have one.

  3. heather

    David – I truly appreciate your response. I just wanted to vent my fear that future works would be limited like this one. I live in Canada and have a Kobo, so sometimes my options are limited (some things from Amazon cannot be shipped to Canada and things from Amazon can’t be read on my Kobo). I really love-love-love the openness of the epub format in that it makes it so much easier to enjoy your works. I’m a big fan of the Yesterday’s Gone series and I am looking forward to Season 5.

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