Here’s an updated list of our release schedule.

We’ve got two new standalone book projects (not serials) coming up in the next two months, in addition to the next Z season, and a new Dark Crossings book.


8/27 Z 2135 Episode 1 (Amazon US only)

9/3 Z 2135 Episode 2 (Amazon US only)

9/10 Z 2135 Episode 3 (Amazon US only)

9/17 Z 2135 Episode 4 (Amazon US only)

9/24 Z 2135 Episode 5 (Amazon US only)

10/1 Z 2135 Episode 6 (Amazon US only)

10/1 Z 2135 Full season in foreign Amazon stores


Untitled book project 1 — September 2013

Untitled book project 2 — October 2013

Dark Crossings Volume 3 — September 2013

ForNevermore: Season Two — To Be Determined

Monstrous: Season Two — To Be Determined

WhiteSpace: Season Three —  To Be Determined

*note: Dates are subject to change.


8 responses to Schedule

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Sorry, I forgot to update this page. We do send a newsletter and update the blog with each new release, though.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Hi Tiff,

      Thank you for commenting. Z 2136, the final book in the trilogy, is slated for next spring. I don’t have an exact date, but once I do, I’ll post it.


    Would really love to know the release date on Z 2136, just finished Z 2135 and I gotta know what happens next!!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      We’re turning it into Amazon starting in February, so at some point after that. Not sure on the exact date, though.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      We’re releasing them in early 2014. They’ve taken a lot longer to write than planned. We’ll be updating the site soon with news on the books and why they’ve taken so long. Thank you for asking, and your patience.

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