Season Three New Ending

Thank you for stopping by to see the revised version of Yesterday’s Gone Episode 18‘s ending. Due to reader feedback on the original ending, we created 3 new chapters to provide some clarity and closure to the season. You can read all about the details in a SPOILER FREE post here.

You can download the new complete book at Amazon or get just the new ending at the links at the bottom of the page.

If you purchased Episode 18 on Sunday July 29, 2012 or later, you likely already have this ending. (We uploaded the new file on Saturday, so even if you got the book Saturday afternoon, you may have it). The revised version has a cover with a yellow bar up top which says “REVISED ENDING.” And it has Chapters 15, 16, 17, which the original version did not.

We put this up for those who bought the book during the first five days it was out. We had to add a new version of the entire book to Amazon because once you download a book you can’t download it again. (Well, there is a way to update the book, but it’s a big pain in the butt and we’d have to contact Amazon and they’d have to contact you to see if you WANT the new version, and that seemed like it could take a while, so why not just upload the new version to a different page and then remove the other version from sale.)

We also added a new edition (the whole episode – not just the endings here) to Amazon which you can find here. And you can get it FREE from Sunday July 29 — Thursday August 2, 2012.




The eBooks below are ONLY the last 4 chapters, including three new chapters and the original epilogue.

Right click and save any of these to your PC and read them there or transfer to your device of choice. The links may also open in your tablet or phone browser.

MOBI VERSION  (For Amazon)

EPUB VERSION (For other eReaders including nook, iPad, etc…)

3 responses to Season Three New Ending

  1. Krisi

    As a child I didn’t learn to read as fast at first as the kids in my new school had, mostly because the school I HAD been going to didn’t have an advanced reading program. But once I did learn to read, I was reading Ray Bradbury and Stephen King by grade 3. I have read about every genre there is. But once my Godfather gave me ” Have Space Will Travel” I became obsessed with anything sci-fi. Sometimes books really disappoint. I know how it is going to end before I even get to chapter 3 or 4 out of 30 chapters or more.. So when I decided to recently try your different collective works, I didn’t know if I would be disappointed or in what I call my Hungry reading demeanor. Monstrosity was the first. Then I saw this. I was over-joyed that you were so far into the series I couldn’t help it. I am impatient to wait for sequels or anything of the like when I am so into a book. You raised the bar for me in this book. I believe you both just may be the children of Ray Bradbury and Stephen King and not even realize it. I never knew what was coming. Therefore I read it so fast that it didn’t even take me a week to read all 3 seasons. And I work anywhere from 10-13 hours a day at my job. I will be having surgeries and following that treatments. I would like to know that I will have these books to help keep my mind otherwise occupied while going through what I’m about to go through. Only one problem. They are trying to get my surgeries set up sooner than later as I may sooner not have a later to wait. So I would love to hear that maybe…Just maybe you might be ahead of schedule. That maybe…Just maybe I can have the book to indulge in my long battle I have ahead of me. I know it is probably not a possibility but I would be ecstatic to hear that it could be possible. Thank you for such creative writing. I love to just read and discover as I go and not be bored within the first few chapters. Many authors have tried…most have failed. I hope you continue to thrive and gain fans. I know you have made a complete fan out of me. I thank you.

  2. DavidWwright

    Krisi – Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate the thoughts, and are honored that you consider us even close to the greats.

    As far as the next season of Yesterday’s Gone, we’ve not even started it, yet alone have anything completed. We have six different serials going on and the furthest ahead we’ve been able to get is a month at a time. So we can’t send you something we’ve not even started yet, sorry.

    Best of luck with the treatments!

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