Free Books

We’d like to offer something special for our loyal Goners…


Would you like to get a free review copy of one of our serialized books?

Here’s how you do it.


Read and review one of our season compilations, Yesterday’s Gone: Season One, Season Two, or Season Three, WhiteSpace: Season One, ForNevermore: Season One, or Available Darkness: Season One at Amazon or Amazon and Goodreads if you’re feeling extra supportive!


Use the form below to let us know which book you reviewed AND INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR REVIEW, AND let us know which book you’d like to review next and we’ll send you a .mobi file of the book for free.

NOTE: You must include a link to your book review. Any requests without a link cannot be processed.

SECOND NOTE: This is an experimental program and how it does will depend if we continue it. We reserve the right to end the program at any time without notice because, well, we don’t want to go broke giving away all of our books. If we don’t make money, we can’t keep writing these awesome serials for you.

And no serials means no more Boricio.

And a world without Boricio is a world, quite frankly, we don’t want to see.

But in the meantime, enjoy!

OH YEAH, ONE MORE NOTE: There’s some books we can’t give away, such as anything released in the past 60 days, and Monstrous and Z 2134 (which were published by 47North, not us). You can, however, review ANY OF OUR SEASON BOOKS and send the link to us in order to get one of the books listed below.

Please do not comment on this page. Use the form below only. Thank you.

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