Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 16 (podcast)

Yesterday's Gone podcastWe’re back with Episode 16 of the Collective Inkwell Podcast, featuring Yesterday’s Gone, as read by Sean Platt.

And because of the delay, we’re uploading three episodes tonight.

Here’s the audio file for Episode 16: (Right click and save).

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 16

Alternately, you can listen to the episode here:

Or you can subscribe via iTunes.

If you DO subscribe there, please leave a review.

Note: Episode length and titles are different from the book series. Each book episode translates into several hours of audio. So Season One may have 20 or so episodes by the time it’s completed. We will keep the seasons separated, though.

Here’s the prior episodes:

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4 responses to Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 16 (podcast)

  1. Jackie

    Hi Dave and Sean,
    Just wanted to let you guys know that I “accidentally” found you guys on
    Kobo, which I use exclusively for my e-books. I do like the ability to read books
    on my iPad, but I’m also “old school” enough that I still love to read actual books
    too 🙂 I have read all four seasons of Yesterday’s Gone, (all in five days) and
    can’t wait for the next “season”…And will look into your other works as well!!
    I have read fifteen books in the last two months (including Dan Brown’s
    Inferno…which is hard to beat) and yours have been the best!! Thanks guys
    for the entertainment, hope you keep cranking them out 🙂

    Devoted little reading gal from Texas 🙂

    PS I also wrote a review on yours, which I rarely do 🙂

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Wow, in five days? Thank you for the kind words! We appreciate them, AND the review!

  2. Jodi C

    Was this the last episode reading? I saw your email today (1-1-14) and wanted to make sure I didn’t somehow miss another one so I could make sure I have them all (was waiting to make sure they were all done because I wanted to listen to them together 🙂 I’m anal that way LOL). Btw, in reading about your Audible book for Season 1, is it dramatized or is it “just” read by a couple of different people (one doing the “non-talking”, one doing the talking, etc)? Just curious – dramatized books are so awesome to listen to. I got Stephen King’s “The Mist” as a dramatized cassette reading (yup – dating myself) and it was AWESOME to listen to a story that way – lots more fun than just reading.

    Anyway, this series rocked (naturally) – was bummed to hear about Monstrous but….oh well – you do what ya gotta do – and am looking forward to whatever else comes out. I have a few of your other series but have been busy doing other things that I haven’t had a lot of chances to read (which is weird for me) so I haven’t gotten to them yet (Available Darkness, ForNevermore, Whitespace) which I hope to do so soon! Oh yeah, and some of the Dark Crossings as well.

    Hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Hi Jodi,

      Thank you for commenting. I just updated with the last podcast episode and links to the new Audible version.

      As to the Audible version, it’s not dramatized like with sound effects and such. But there are different actors handling the various roles we have, and it sounds awesome! I’ve never been an audio fan, but I like this.

      Thank you for the kind words, and hope you have a Happy New Year!

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