Dark Crossings Cover Winner

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on the Dark Crossings Collection cover contest we were holding at 99 Designs.

Choosing one cover from these three was VERY difficult.

As divided as we were, we noticed that YOU were too.

I was hoping that one cover would win out universally, to make our decision a bit easier. While some people loved covers 2 and 3, others loved how different the first cover was. Commenter Chris Kohout even called 1 “iconic.”

And I agree.

But in the end, opinions vary wildly, and we had to choose just one cover.

The cool thing is that most readers agreed that all three are great designs.

Without further ado, here is the winner…

Dark Crossings Cover Contest 2 crow

Cover 2

Now, why did we choose this one?

Initially, our early favorite was Cover 3, the dark one with the crow and moon. It’s a beautiful image.

But when we saw cover 2, and its very different color scheme, it popped in a way that just stood out from the pack.

While the first cover ALSO popped, and is damned beautiful, we felt 2 was a perfect blend of a brooding darkness and a brighter color scheme than we typically do, which will look great in print.

Romantic thriller author, Trish McCallan echoed our thoughts in her comment:

“#2 for me, it’s fresher, has more of an eerie/weird vibe and the colors would pop in thumbnail on the distributors websites. There are so many covers with dark backgrounds, the yellow/orange would really stand out when readers are scrolling through the websites.”

Here’s an early mock up of the print version, which REALLY helped sell us.


While that’s a hardcover mockup, and the print version will likely be paperback, we still think that looks like a damned handsome book to hold in your hands.

The Dark Crossings Collection will also be available in e-book version, of course. We’ll have a publication date for you soon.

Thank you for helping us choose the final cover! You helped us make a difficult choice a bit easier.

Did you enjoy this behind the scenes look at the cover process? If so, let us know, and we’ll include you in the next cover decision we make, whether it’s covers that I design, or ones that we hire a designer for again.

As always, thank you for reading,

Dave (& Sean)

14 responses to Dark Crossings Cover Winner

  1. Rose Koachway

    Well, while I am not happy that my choice for #3 didn’t win out–it doesn’t matter. I’ll buy it anyway. As they say–you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, it’s what’s inside that counts!!! Love you guys. Thanks for including us in the decision making process.

  2. Trish McCallan

    The mock up turned out brilliant. Love the addition of the bloody glob you’ve got running down the sign post. That works so much better than the original bloody smear. Hope it sells like wildfire for you!

  3. kathystevensaustin

    Loved them all, but you’re correct, I think this one will grab readers attention as they walk by in the store. It was alot of fun, so yes, please include me next time. Can’t wait to read this one!

  4. kelly

    yay! When I posted my input, it looked like #3 was the clear leader, so I’m glad this one won. This cover is King-esque to me, which would make me pick it up without knowing a single thing about you guys. I, for one, enjoyed having some input on this and would enjoy more “behind the scenes” posts 🙂

  5. DonaNicole

    I do like this choice, didn’t even notice the blood on the post before and you are absolutely right about the color scheme popping on thumb nails and in book stores, etc. Good choice!

  6. PB

    Ha! That was my pick, too!

    Thanks for letting us participate; this was fun. As your ‘cult’ following grows, we here will always feel like we were a part of something special. Your efforts to bring your readers into your creative process is, IMHO, quite brilliant. Being a part of your ever-expanding family has been a lot of fun and has inspired me to read books I normally wouldn’t. Kudos to you both; your hard work and seemingly endless energy does not go unappreciated!

  7. ruby2shoes

    Please include me in further cover concepts. Imagine my surprise when the cover I chose and comment left mirrored yours.

  8. Seth

    I loved seeing this side of the process (and would love to see it for the other stories as well). Plus, I absolutely love the change in the blood splatter–making it look fresh just adds so much (in comparison to a stain).

    I think one of the reasons that #3 was my favorite was because it looks more crisp to me. That mock-up gives a crisp look, while still having that rugged sort of feel.

  9. Lola Mullins

    I was sold with the picture of the mock up. That will make a really good looking book. I enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes process as well as letting us be a part of that process.

  10. iadamn1

    I loved being included, this was a lot of fun. I still like #3, but let’s face it, all 3 of the choices are killer. And hearing why #2 was chosen from a marketing standpoint totally makes sense, plus the gore on the post is awesome. Well done, a MUST have for goners, I cannot wait to be holding, petting, cherishing and sometimes reading this book.

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