Z 2135 is here! Join the Discussion

Z 2135 coverZ 2135 is a six-week, nonstop, off the rails thriller that has some of the BEST WTF cliffhangers we’ve done yet.

If you liked Z 2134, you’re going to LOVE Z 2135.

Sean and I are thrilled with how this season came out.

Z 2135 is a Kindle Serial, which means it’s only available at Amazon (for the moment — print versions will be elsewhere eventually), and only available in the United States (for six weeks, after which it will be worldwide).

Kindle Serials, unlike our other stories, automatically update each week when a new episode comes out. Which means you only have to buy it once, and it’s just $1.99 for the introductory price, which is a hell of a bargain.

Get Z 2135 at Amazon today.


Here’s the book jacket stuff:

The Darwin Games are over. The battle for survival has just begun…

The Lovecraft family is in ruins. Their convict father, Jonah, roams The Barrens, near starvation, in search of his daughter Ana. Only the hope of seeing her again keeps him alive.

Meanwhile Ana, Liam, and Duncan have found temporary relief at a camp outside The Walls. Inside City 6, Jonah’s young son, Adam, has been co-opted by Jonah’s enemy, Chief Keller, and is being groomed as a City Watch spy.

Between the terrifying zombies roaming The Barrens—monsters created by the plague that destroyed the Old Nation—and the ruthless, manipulative government that controls everything and everyone within the City Walls, no one is safe. Z 2135 is both a frightening vision of a dystopian future and a heartening tale of family, hope, and humanity. The newest season from Sean Platt and David Wright is as captivating as it is terrifying.


One of the coolest things about shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc… is to see people on the internet talking about the last episode, how awesome it was, and what they loved/hated.

That is, to me, one of the best things about serialized fiction, the communal experience. That everyone is experiencing this thing together, and talking about it.

There’s something so special about that which takes us back to the roots of storytelling.

Writing books, though, the author is disconnected from the reader. Sean and I don’t get to see how you react to something, to see that look of frustration when you get the cliffhanger and want to throw your Kindle at the wall.

Maybe that’s a good thing, or you’d be throwing the Kindle at us! Those things can hurt!

But Amazon has done something cool for the Kindle Serials program. They’ve created forums for each of the books. And each forum has an episode devoted to it.

We’d LOVE to talk with you in the forums. Stop by, comment on the story (after you read the first episode, as you don’t want someone else spoiling it for you), and chat with us!

Last year, I didn’t even know how much Sean and I were “allowed” to participate in the forums, so we really missed an opportunity to connect with readers last time.

Then an editor at 47North told me how awesome some of the other Kindle Serials writers were doing with their forums, and I felt like a big fat Loser Face, who wanted to say, “We’ve got fans who love our stuff and want to talk about it!”

So we’d love it if YOU showed up to talk Z 2135 and show 47North what awesome fans we have in our Goners!

Here’s the link:


There will be a new thread for each episode. You can also start your own threads, though they should be related to Z 2135.

As always, thank you for reading,

Dave & Sean

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