What Do YOU Want Us To Write Next?

After Sean and I wrapped our almost final edits of Z 2135, we got together to consider what we’d like to write next.

We’ve got six serials in total:

  • Yesterday’s Gone
  • WhiteSpace
  • Available Darkness
  • ForNevermore
  • Z Series
  • Monstrous

And then we’ve got a number of Dark Crossings stories (18 to date, once we publish the most recent two).

We decided to take a month break from serials and try our hand at a standalone book.

You know, a book with an actual ending! If only to prove yes, we can end a story!

Rather than one book, though, Sean and I both wound up working on TWO!

What can I say? We don’t sit still for long!

One is a ghost story of sorts that I’ve been sitting on forever. The other is a book that Sean dreamed up (literally) and which we’ve had a few story meetings on as he is writing the first draft.

So, we’ve got two awesome books coming very soon.

We were wondering what to write next.

We’ve got a number of stories we’d like to tell, including even more serials. But I think we ought to wrap up a couple of them before starting new stuff. Available Darkness and ForNevermore probably have one book left, each. (Though, Sean and I have talked about doing something a bit different with ForNevermore. But more on that another time.)

We could make a case for any of our series, save for Yesterday’s Gone, which just ended its fourth season. And Z, 2135, which is going live today.

But after that, it’s a toss-up.

Then we decided, why not let YOU decide.

What book do YOU want to read next?

Vote below. You can also comment, to say why you made a particular choice, or whatever else you’d like to say,  but we’re ONLY counting poll results, so make sure you click one of the books and vote.

We’ll leave voting up until Monday Sept. 8. Please vote just once so we have an accurate representation of what everyone wants. We will get to all of our series in due time, don’t think we’ll abandon any of them. But this determines what the NEXT book will be (after our two single books).

As always, thank you for reading,

Dave (& Sean)

25 responses to What Do YOU Want Us To Write Next?

  1. Jarkko Laine

    WhiteSpace is my favorite among your serials. What more can I say? 🙂 But whichever you decide to write next, I will read it, so no worries…

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Thank you. Once YG Season Four gets 500 reviews, we’ll start it right away. Otherwise, we’ll wait until it comes up in the rotation so as not to leave fans of the other serials in the dark forever.

      • DonaNicole

        David, you should call Forenever more a Paranormal YA and push it on Goodreads where there is an active YA readership group. I guess maybe that is my job, LOL, but having the author there would be even better.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      It is our least selling title, and one of the least reviewed, I believe. But that’s probably because we screwed up in promoting it, calling it a Young Adult title, and maybe scaring away a good number of our regular readers, who thought maybe we went soft. It IS a great book, though, and we WILL continue the story. Thank you.

  2. Pete Foster

    Whitespace is my favorite too so got my vote. Interestingly enough I kept away from Fornevermore for the reason David stated, ie it was labelled as “Young Adult” which is not my thing, after reading his reply above Im going to give it a go 🙂

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Thanks, Pete. We really should’ve just put ForNevermore out there without explaining anything. We were trying to expand our readership, and write something that younger people could read without all the usual obscenities and such, but the STORY, it’s pure Collective Inkwell.

  3. Tasha

    Whitespace please! It’s my absolute favorite, I tell everyone I know to read it! And every time I reread it (which is more than I care to admit) I scream in frustration when I get to the end! So Whitespace PLEASE! And thank you 🙂

  4. Emma

    I can’t wait to read all of them! Desperate for the next yesterday’s gone (already!) and was gutted to get the goners email about Z2135 only to find that I have to wait another 6 weeks because I’m in the UK! I’ll fill some of the time by leaving reviews all over amazon, love you guys! 🙂

  5. Hooplykim

    I voted for white space cos I just can’t wait to see where you guys go with the story next, but like many people I honestly don’t care what book goes next, I will devour like any others you write and will love it just the same. You pair are my fave authors now and I just think you are awesome. So excited about z2135 but being in the uk I need to wait awwwwwww so hard lol. NEVER stop writing guys!

  6. DonaNicole

    Z 2134/5 are my faves and am re-reading White Space and it is becoming my favorite too, maybe my number one favorite. I voted for you to write White Space Season Three but it was between that and Forenevermore, which I am still waiting for. Love you guys.

  7. Julie Caple

    Whitespace please. I love the others but this (at present) is my favourite.

  8. Ray Nicholson

    Voted for ForNevermore, although anything other than ‘Monstrous’ would be great. ‘Monstrous’ was the only work I really couldn’t connect with… funny to see it with the most votes… so what do I know… lol.
    Really, REALLY glad you guys are doing a full standalone novel. I know you’ve got a great story to tell and you’ve got the talent… and people want a story with an ending (your words, not mine…lol)

    • DonaNicole

      I agree, Ray. I am reading so many serials that I am liking to start ones that have the whole thing written already so when I am done with one season I can start the next one right away instead of waiting.

      • Ray Nicholson

        Hi Dona
        Great point. I like the serials… A LOT, but I miss that total experience of a truly great complete story you get in a standalone tale. If I’ve one concern with Sean and Dave’s serial concept it would be that maybe, just maybe there are so many on the go that followers may become confused or worse… somewhat numb to the variety and scope that they offer. I think the standalone novel is the next logical step in their evolution as truly talented and gifted writer of their genre(s).
        the best

      • DonaNicole

        Yes, agree. I read White Space almost a year ago and then read so many since then that now I have had to start all over and am enjoying it even more. Sean and Dave write such complex characters and stories that after a lot of time even a summary is not enough to get caught up for some of us (me). I too am excited to see the stand alone novels.

  9. janet keenan

    Well I suppose I would say yesterdays gone , because since I accidentaly came across the very first part of it free because I was bored, I did nothing but read your books.
    This was not so long ago I found that first part of yesterdays gone, Then I didnt have to wait , you were ahead of me.
    In between , when the time came I had to wait for the final (I thought) part of yesterdays gone, so I chose to read white space, while waiting for next episode of yesterdays gone. I wish I could read them all at once, no need to explain why I cant!
    My very special request though is that Birocio must go on. Please dont kill him, in fact can you not put him in another book, or two or all of them.
    I truly believe I may never read a book which has not been written by you two guys ever again
    Thankyou so much!.

    • DavidWwright Post Author


      Thanks! It’s odd how many people like Boricio, even though he’s supposed to be unlikeable! 🙂 As for putting him in other books, you never know. But I don’t think we’d put him in EVERY book. That might be odd, especially in ForNevermore. Thank you for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying our work.

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