Water Cooler Talk: Yesterday’s Gone: Season Four (and Episode 24)

Yesterday's Gone: Season Four coverOne of the things we love about serialized TV is the water cooler discussion that happens the next day (or these days with DVRs, the next few days) after an episode aired.

Since we’re going back to weekly releases, and we often get email from readers after each episode, we thought, why not give YOU a place where you can discuss each episode with other Goners!

We want to give you a place to discuss each episode this season, to say what you liked, didn’t like, ask questions, whatever you want.

We’d love to hear what YOU have to say!

What did you think of this season?

What were your favorite moments?

What surprised you most?

Got questions?

Post your comments and questions re: Episode 24 (and the full season) below.


2 responses to Water Cooler Talk: Yesterday’s Gone: Season Four (and Episode 24)

  1. Seth

    As for what I thought of the season, here is the review I just left on Amazon. (TLDR version–I really enjoyed it)

    (Spoilers should only be for seasons 1-3) And if you haven’t read those seasons, hurry up!

    The dynamic literary duo is back for the fourth installment/season of Yesterday’s Gone. While seasons 1-3 ended well enough to be a complete story, this season (and I believe the next 2) will create another parallel trilogy developing only on our world (taking place after their return).

    These authors are elegant puppet-masters, tugging the reader’s mental and emotional strings. They dangle your desires before you, then destroy them and any remaining hope. It’s enough to make you agree with Boricio’s mentality (it’s all beer-battered bullshit). Of course, this is all to inspire you as the characters continue to fight and find a way of escape, even when everything seems lost.

    “The more things change the more they stay the same.” The French Proverb relates to this story quite well. The story follows the lives of characters that survived the first 3 seasons (and some new ones). How their lives have changed (Boricio Wolfe post Wonder Boy’s fixing), improved (the standard of living is much nicer on our world), gotten worse (poor Brent–but how realistic), and stayed the same (running from IT–the Darkness).

    The authors display an amazing aptitude for forming characters and relationships then throwing them every direction possible (similar to previous seasons). Their true talent lies in creating believable characters that are both raw and refined. You’ll be gripping your seat cheering for some, while cowering in fear of others, and trying to reach through the book and help them any way you can.

    The story unfolds a little slower than the previous seasons, but this is to be expected. In the first season, the characters wake to a completely changed world (utterly destroyed). In this season, the Darkness is more methodical (though just as sinister as before) revealing itself much more strategically. The prologue/opening of each chapter will still draw you into the story as swiftly as before, so there’s no need to worry.

    For those that were confused in seasons 1-3 due to the two worlds (and therefore two versions of people) as well as timeline jumping, you should easily find your way through this season. Season 4 has very little of this (as we are only on our world now), with only a few time changes (always clarified at the beginning of the chapter–make sure you read them).

    As a side note, reading the authors’ notes on what was cut from the story (due to limitations) proved to be extremely enlightening. Though you may wonder why certain things aren’t mentioned (Mary’s pregnancy), the authors have not forgotten it, and are carefully waiting to provide more details at the opportune time.

    The only problem I had with the book (other than wanting more right now!) is that there seemed to be a few errors. They were few and far between, but at points it looked like a sentence was changed (but a word or two from the previous write-up remained). Not enough to distract from the overall story though. (In comparison with many other ebooks I’ve read, this was nothing.)

    In conclusion, the most recent romp through the world of Yesterday’s Gone was both delightful and dismaying. Hating and loving things at the same time. Hating changes that I didn’t expect (I’m usually good at predicting what happens next), and loving all the possibilities that surface as the story unfolds. I look forward to reading more from these authors. If you enjoyed seasons 1, 2, or 3; then you will definitely enjoy season 4.

    (I did NOT receive a free copy of this book–I just really want the 500 reviews so the authors get to work on season 5) 😛

  2. Seth

    So since that post turned out a lot longer than I thought, I’m making a shorter post that answer’s your all’s questions.

    What did you think of this season?
    It was wonderful

    What were your favorite moments?–
    Favorite thing was probably when Boricio got captured–it’s always interesting to see how he’ll get out of these things (and how he thinks).
    Also, I enjoyed the change to how the Darkness is working this time around–like it’s adapting to what went wrong, and getting smarter.

    What surprised you most?
    Rose being taken by the Darkness, made me so sad, but loving the possibilities.
    Roman being in the igloo of poop–didn’t see that coming
    Luca killing four kids (completely forgot he had been touched by the vials and so likely has darkness in him–amazing!)

    Got questions?
    Not really, but I thought of an idea (that if you like feel free to use–or maybe I just guessed well). Desmond coming back opens up a lot of stuff. I always felt that he may have been hired to watch over Mary and Paola (you know the guy that was threatening Ryan to get his money back). I mean he was really good with weapons (and trained Mary), but just worked “with the internet”. Sounds like there is a lot more there to me. Looking forward to finding out more.

    (Apparently I’m just long winded and can’t write a short post.)

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