Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 22 “Bullies”

Have You Ever Been a Victim?

Hey there fellow Goner, Sean here.

Yesterday's Gone Episode 22 cover

Being bullied sucks… giant sweaty donkey balls.

I changed schools in 4th grade. A spot for the Gifted program opened up in a school on the good side of town (I lived on the bad), so I was transferred the second week of January, a week before my birthday, knowing precisely no one.

The Gifted class was one of many in the school, just a couple dozen of us per grade. We were the underclass.

The neighborhood kids all had money. Most of the kids in the Gifted class did too. I didn’t, not even a little, so I was the underclass of the underclass. I had no one to hang out with, no circle of friends to protect me each day when some of the neighborhood kids would run by and punch me hard on the back of my head yelling, “Giftie!” as they went.

This was, of course made worse by my mom dressing me in woman’s denim and Nintendosaurus sweatshirts. Don’t ask!

There was a bully named Billy. I’m not 100% that was really his name. A part of me thinks I’m remembering Billy because it’s a great name for a bully.

Billy was a total cock, but I was in 4th grade so I just thought of him as a jerk. He was snaggletoothed and angry. I’m sure it wasn’t his fault. His daddy probably beat him after he brought him beers from the fridge. Even if it wasn’t his fault, Billy made my life miserable.

Billy’s story has an awesome ending, and I’ll tell you another time. This week’s episode is about Luca having to deal with bullies. We’re often told to fight back against bullies, but what happens when you’re too scared to fight back? When you’re convinced that fighting back will only get you into a deeper world of hurt?

I’m sure you have your own bullies. We all do. Dealing with bullies helps us deal with ourselves, which is why they’re fun to write and read about. Dave (who has his own share of bullying stories) had an awesome idea for a Dark Crossings short last year, Monsters, about exactly that.

This time it’s Luca going through the struggle.

Read more about what’s happening with Luca in Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 22

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Thank you for reading!

Sean Platt (and Dave! — though I doubt he approves of the exclamatory)

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3 responses to Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 22 “Bullies”

  1. Phil McClimon

    WOW! The whole sequence with Luka, Trevor, and Johnny was a serious rug pull. I definitely was looking for Luka to kick ass, then I thought maybe Trevor was going to help Luka, having orchestrated the whole thing to get Luka to face his fears. What I didn’t see coming was multiple homicide! Well done, sirs!

  2. Ryan C

    So, does Rose have the blackness in her? Why wasn’t she summoned to kill Boracio? I’m most curious about Paola. How will she emerge from the machine; younger, older, successfully infected? Can’t wait until the next episode.

  3. Lisa Braunstein

    Weirdly, my bullying took place on daily bus trips to day camp when I was around 8 years old. At the start and end of each day’s ride going to and from camp, everything was fine. But a girl got on in between and would bite me. I never told, ( she said she would kill me and finally I begged my parents to take me out of camp, without them ever knowing why. This was around 1960.

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