Water Cooler Talk: Episode 21

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 21 coverOne of the things we love about serialized TV is the water cooler discussion that happens the next day (or these days with DVRs, the next few days) after an episode aired.

Since we’re going back to weekly releases, and we often get email from readers after each episode, we thought, why not give YOU a place where you can discuss each episode with other Goners!

We want to give you a place to discuss each episode this season, to say what you liked, didn’t like, ask questions, whatever you want.

We’d love to hear what YOU have to say!

Post your comments and questions below.

Note: This thread will be full of spoilers for Episode 21 and prior. So if you’ve not yet read Episode 21, do not read further. Also, you may mention other series we have, but don’t post spoilers for other serials that people may not have read. 

5 responses to Water Cooler Talk: Episode 21

  1. Mike

    Any chance a small Yesterdays Gone Synopsis could be written? I’m trying to get back into it but having a hard time remembering what’s what. I read so many different series that they my memory is not what it should be. Thanks!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      We had started one, but it seemed far more confusing to write one than start people over. Plus, a lot of people complained last year about the recaps.

      If you read the last three or four chapters of Season Three, you should be good to go. Everything else is referenced (we hope) in a way that makes sense as you go.

      Right now we’re under some tight deadlines, but we’re looking to get something up online at some point.

  2. Michelle

    Hi there, loving the new series! But I do jave one simple question… Whatever happened to Mary and Desmond’s baby? When they got back she was pregnant but we’be not had any mention of the pregnanxy or baby in this season and my curiosity is killing me!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Hi, Michelle. Thank you for asking.

      That is addressed in Episode 22, though it’s only a passing mention. Eventually, though not too much this season. It’s more of a Season Five story, for reasons we can’t go into without spoiling stuff you haven’t yet read.

      Thanks again.

      • Michelle

        Thanks! Just about to read that episode now so looking forward to finding out some info. Makes me eager for season 5 already 🙂

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