The Yesterday’s Gone Podcasts Are Back!

Yesterday's Gone podcastWe apologize for the delay in new Yesterday’s Gone podcasts, but we had to fix a few things with how we’d set it up in the first place.

Long story short, we had to create a new podcast feed, create a new podcast in iTunes (as you can’t redirect an existing podcast to a new feed), and it was all a big giant pain in the ass.

But now we’ve got it fixed.

And, we’ve got THREE NEW EPISODES (Episodes 8-10) ready to listen to right now.

First, if you subscribed in iTunes, that subscription is no longer valid.

We need you to subscribe to this new one.


Also, if you could be so kind as to leave a review. All of our old reviews got deleted with the other podcast.

Thank you.

Episodes 8-10 should show up shortly in the iTunes store.

I’ve noticed that iTunes isn’t yet showing Episodes 1 or 2. I’m hoping that is corrected soon.

I’m not sure what the problem there is (grrr) but you can listen to all of the episodes right here at any time. Just right click and save any of the links below.

And here’s all the episodes so far, including Episodes 8, 9, and 10, which we just uploaded today!


Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 10

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 9

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 8

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 7

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 6

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 5

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 4

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 3

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 2

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 1

See you next Friday with Episode 11


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