Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 20

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 20 “Old Friends”

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 20 coverEpisode two of Season Four kicks off with the return of an old favorite.

I won’t give any spoilers, though!

This week we’re back with Episode 20 which you can get at the links below. We’ll get right to the links for those who don’t want to waste any time reading the other stuff.

Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 20




(will update here once it goes live)

And for those who want to wait until the full season is released, you’ve only got four more weeks! And then it will be available in all the usual places.


Thanks to everybody who came out strong in support of the Fourth Season of Yesterday’s Gone with last week’s Episode 19.

If you didn’t get that here, you still can.


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

We appreciate the support, the emails, and, of course, the reviews!

You all ROCK! 


Last week we did a live Author Hangout on YouTube. Not sure if the time we did it was good because barely anybody showed up until an hour and a half in or so. So once people started showing up both on video and on the YouTube comments page and on Twitter, we wound up doing a three hour hangout.

If you want to see it in all its three hours of awkwardness, you can check it out here:

Be warned, we’ve got potty mouths! So don’t watch it in front of your children or at work, or in front of anyone with decency. 🙂


At the end of Episode 20 you’ll find a link to the water cooler page where you can discuss Episode 20. I didn’t think to put one at the end of Episode 19, so hopefully a few more people will see it this time.

Here’s Episode 20’s Watercooler Talk page:

For those waiting for the full season, you might not want to visit the above link until after you’ve read each episode.


Yesterday's Gone Season Three coverYesterday’s Gone: Season Three is finally at Barnes & Noble! Yes, we finally got the full series into and they’re on their way to Apple, too.

We’re also releasing Season Four episode by episode at

However, we’re waiting for the full season at Apple. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, it’s a big giant pain in the ass to get stuff into the Apple store!

Thank you for reading!

Yesterday’s Gone: Season Three

Get YG: Season Three now for your nook.

See you next week with Episode 21!

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