Water Cooler Talk: Episode 20

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 20 coverOne of the things we love about serialized TV is the water cooler discussion that happens the next day (or these days with DVRs, the next few days) after an episode aired.

Since we’re going back to weekly releases, and we often get email from readers after each episode, we thought, why not give YOU a place where you can discuss each episode with other Goners!

We want to give you a place to discuss each episode this season, to say what you liked, didn’t like, ask questions, whatever you want.

If you missed last week’s Water Cooler discussion, (because we didn’t have it in the back of the book) you can go here and talk about Episode 19.

We’d love to hear what YOU have to say!

Post your comments and questions below.

Note: This thread will be full of spoilers for Episode 20 and prior. So if you’ve not yet read Episode 20, do not read further. Also, you may mention other series we have, but don’t post spoilers for other serials that people may not have read. 

5 responses to Water Cooler Talk: Episode 20

  1. Brandy

    Hi guys! It sure is good to get back to this story! I noticed at the end of this week’s installment a minor boo-boo: where Roman and Will are winding up their conversation. ‘ Will said, “It feels good talking to you, buddy.” Next comes the line: “You, too, Roman.” Shouldn’t those names have been reversed? Or at least the name in the second sentence should have been Will.

    I’m looking forward to where you’re going to take us this time around!

  2. Hank Pineau

    What a great series and I am glad that you decided to go back to the serial format. Keep up the great writing.

  3. mary ingraffia

    I so love this series..can’t wait til Tuesday for the next installment!

  4. DavidWwright Post Author

    Thanks, Brandy and Hank!

    And thank you for the catch. You are completely right. I’ll fix that in our next update.

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