Yesterday’s Gone: Season Four Announcement Trailer

5 responses to Yesterday’s Gone: Season Four Announcement Trailer

  1. girlsjustgottahaveguns

    Love the trailer. “IT” better not be a zombie. Then you would be crossing your titles into each other and messing with our minds…and then we’d be so messed up we wouldn’t be able to BUY your books (after all, we Goners want you to turn a profit and just be able to be stay-at-home writers…writers of some truly creepy stuff that we truly love!), let alone read them. We’d all have to quit our jobs so we could visit our shrinks by day and read your books by night. This would totally screw with your plan to become writers of the world today, and tomorrow, THE UNIVERSE! muah ha ha! Can’t wait for July 9, I better set up a “Dr. appointment” for work for that day, wink wink!

  2. girlsjustgottahaveguns

    (this site doesn’t like keeps bouncing my awesome reply. Maybe because I used the word “zombie”?) Anyway, don’t let “IT” be a zombie. You’ll totally freak us Goners out. You’ll be crossing your titles, we’ll be so freaked out we’ll have to quit our day jobs to spend our days at the shrinks trying to explain YOU GUYS to them, and then, we’ll be broke. We won’t be able to buy your books. Your dream (and ours, too) of becoming full-time-stay-at-home writers and taking the writing world today, and tomorrow THE UNIVERSE (muah ha ha! Snidely Whiplash snear) by storm will go up on a pile of Prozac. (I plan on making a “Dr. appt” for work on July 9, wink wink). I know it will be good, and no, I have yet to throw my Kindle and break it. Remember, one of you guys promised to replace it if one of you WTF endings made me throw it. Not that the endings are not truly WTF!!!!…they are. I am more worried about the shipping times….Oh, and loved the trailer.

  3. Nancy Boyle

    Cannot wait for the new season of “Yesterday’s Gone” I found these guys before Hurricane Sandy hit causing being stuck at home and losing electric for 2 full weeks. I used my Kindle nonstop during those days nights and bought and read a lot of their work. As a result I found a new genre to read and at 62 y/o am not exactly their target age group (HaHaHa). So far my favorites are “Yesterday’s Gone” and “White Space,” and several other short stories. Keep ’em coming guys!!!

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