WhiteSpace Sale And Kobo Launches

Hello Fellow Goners,

A few cool things this week, including a sale from today through Sunday on WhiteSpace: Season One at Amazon and Kobo.

Get WhiteSpace: Season One on sale for just .99.

WhiteSpace: Season One (Episodes 1-6)

cover-whitespace-Season-1lgHamilton Island seems like the perfect home.

The Puget Sound bedroom community has it all — beautiful homes with white picket fences, a thriving tech sector, and one of the best school systems in the state.

But not everything is as it seems.

And on the morning of September 1, the veil is lifted in a school shooting that will shake the island to its core, and expose an evil dynasty and a dark conspiracy that threatens the future of our species.

WhiteSpace is a character-driven, mysterious, creepy, paranoid, sci-fi thriller that would be right at home with superbly scripted TV shows like LOST and Fringe.

Amazon US:


Amazon UK:




If you love Season One, make sure to check out WhiteSpace: Season Two.

WhiteSpace: Season Two (Episodes 7-12)

WhiteSpace: Season Two CoverFrom the writers of the bestselling, groundbreaking series, Yesterday’s Gone, comes the follow up to the reader favorite sci-fi thriller, WhiteSpace: Season One.

Hamilton Island has just recovered from a school shooting which rocked the small bedroom community. But the shooter wasn’t acting alone.

Roger Heller was part of something bigger…

A conspiracy of scientific experiments, missing citizens, and ancient secrets threatening the island and its people.

Behind it all: the enigmatic Blake Conway.

Can Jon Conway piece the mystery together before he loses someone else that he loves?

Can Roger Heller’s surviving family move on from his heinous actions?

Will Cassidy’s addictions destroy her new family with Emma and Jon?

Can Milo trust the mysterious Don Bellows?

What will happen when Brock Houser launches his own investigation?

WhiteSpace is a character-driven, mysterious, sci-fi thriller that would be right at home with superbly scripted TV shows like LOST, The Killing, and Fringe.

Amazon US:


Amazon UK:


Kobo (coming July 16)


Cover-Serial-Box-1-nonamazoncover-1We’ve finally brought the rest of our series over to Kobo (except Monstrous and Z 2134 which are 47North exclusives).


From Sean Platt and David Wright, the co-authors of the smash bestselling post-apocalyptic series, Yesterday’s Gone, comes SERIAL BOX, a compilation collecting the first episodes from each of their first four serials and the short story, Monster, from their Dark Crossings series.

This collection also includes all new essays which offer behind the scenes looks at each of the stories and the original Authors’ Notes.

Available Darkness: Episode 1
Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 1
ForNevermore: Episode 1
WhiteSpace: Episode 1
Monsters – A Dark Crossings short story


ForNevermore Season One: Episodes 1-6 (The dark fantasy serial begins!)

cover-FN-SEASON1-853wideAll Noella ever wanted was a normal life.

But normal died with her mother, minutes after she was born. And again when her father was murdered before her eyes on her seventh birthday. It was as though true love could never touch her.

Now Noella lives with her aunt in Aurora Falls, a sleepy town in upstate New York where she spends school days hiding from the people who torment her, and weekends working at a coffee shop in quiet misery, harboring a secret crush on her best friend, Sam.

Noella’s only happiness comes when she closes her eyes and visits her dream world, a place where her father still lives, and she’s in love with a mysterious man named Dante, a stranger with a pure heart and death in his fingers.

Noella never imagined the dream world was real, buried within our own. Until her dreams, and nightmares, started spilling into her waking life, alongside a series of grisly murders.

Just when she thinks she’s losing her mind, Dante appears with a dire warning: Noella is not who, or what, she believes. Nothing is what it seems, and she is in mortal danger.

Dante has been searching for Noella for all his lives.

He has loved her nearly as long.

But if he touches her, she will die.

Death isn’t done with Noella. Dreams crash into reality in a paranormal dark fantasy of love, fate, horror, and secrets which threaten to unravel Noella, and everything around her.

Can they survive the evil that haunts them or are they doomed to be ForNevermore?

Contains mild language and violence (probably what you’d find in a PG-13 movie.) Appropriate for Young Adult Readers, or adults who are still young at heart and remember the mysteries and cruelties of youth.


Available Darkness: Season One (Episodes 1-6)

From the writers of the bestselling series, Yesterday’s Gone, comes a new breed of vampire thriller, Available Darkness: Season One

The Darkness Has Awoken

cover-Available-Darkness-Season-OneFBI Special Agent Caleb Baldwin is on the hunt for a serial killer who has left a trail of burned bodies. One of those victims — his wife. As he gets closer to finding the killer, he falls deeper into an elaborate conspiracy.

A man wakes buried alive with no memory of who or what he is. In his pocket, a note: “Avoid the sunlight and don’t touch anybody.” Now he is being hunted by the FBI while trying to remember his monstrous past. He must control the darkness within before it consumes him and the child whose life he must protect.

11-year-old Abigail was dying slowly each day as the prisoner of a sick man. Until she is saved by the most unlikely of heroes — a vampire with a deadly touch. He is her only hope, and she may hold the key to unlocking the memories of his hidden past.

Past, present, fate, and future are on a collision course as the hours of AVAILABLE DARKNESS are ticking away and a force greater than anything the world has ever seen threatens humanity.

Available Darkness is an epic serialized journey that reinvents vampire mythology with a fast paced, character-driven thriller that blends action, mystery, fantasy, and horror in an addictive, tragically romantic story.



Sean and I are finishing up the final episode of Season Four right now. We’re going over it one more time before sending it to our editor.

We’ll have a launch date for you in the coming week!

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