Yesterday’s Gone movie. Who would you cast?

A few weeks ago, Stephanie, one of our readers at Facebook asked us who we’d cast as Boricio in a Yesterday’s Gone movie. I would link to that thread here, but I can’t seem to get a url for the exact post on the Collective Inkwell wall.

While writing, I (Dave) sometimes think of different actors in our roles. Though, oftentimes, these characters exist solely in my head, with no particular actor/actress in mind.

We try not to be too restrictive when describing how a character looks, aside from some basic features or some short hand, allowing readers to fill in the movie in their head with their own dream cast.

Books are personal, and we all interpret them differently.

Since Boricio Wolfe is Sean’s creation, I was curious to see his response to who he would cast.

He pictures Boricio as a younger Brad Pitt.

I’ve pictured Boricio as a few people, such as Anson Mount the lead actor on the excellent AMC series, Hell on Wheels. Anson has a quiet brooding which could be scary, though I’m not sure if he’d be a match verbally. Boricio is very sing-song in his dialogue. If we’re going dialogue only, I’d like to see what Matthew McConaughey, would do with the role.

Though, it should be noted that Boricio is in his early 30s, so both of these actors are older than the character. I’m not sure which younger actor I’d cast, though.

Who do you see as Boricio? I envision a slightly younger Anson Mount.

Who do you see as Boricio? I envision a slightly younger Anson Mount.

As for Ed Keenan, I’ve always pictured him as a Jason Statham type. While I’m not a huge action movie guy, I’ve enjoyed Statham in several of his roles, even when he was above the material.

Who would YOU cast as Boricio or other characters in a Yesterday’s Gone movie or TV series?

Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear who you’d cast as Boricio, Brent, Mary, Will, Luca, Charlie, Desmond, Callie, The Prophet, Brother Rei, or anyone else.

63 responses to Yesterday’s Gone movie. Who would you cast?

  1. bowlingfd1955

    Norman Reedus, from The Walking Dead as Boricio!! Have to think on the other actors

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Never would’ve thought of him. His role on The Walking Dead is rather quiet for Boricio. Michael Rooker, though, doesn’t have that problem being quiet.

  2. Mark Sinkowski

    In regards to character Will, if Willie Nelson can’t do it then I would love to play Will.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Willie Nelson? That’s an interesting choice!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      I agree. I used to talk to Chaz’s dad when I worked at a gas station in South Florida. Very nice man. And I think a younger Chaz would’ve been an awesome Boricio.

  3. Sydney S

    Zachary Quinto is exactly who I picture when I read the Boricio character. Good looking enough to lure you in but plays an amazing dark role.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      He was great on Heroes as Sylar. I could see him in the role.

      • Mark (Worm) Sinkowski

        For the role of Borico I say Ron Perlman (who played Hellboy).

      • DavidWwright Post Author

        Love Ron, especially in Beauty and the Beast. He’d have to be one of those back in time castings, though.

  4. Lisa Barbarossa

    The first person that I thought of as Boricio was Micky Rourke. He is just nasty and sleezy like the bad Boricio. I even pictured him as I was reading the book. He has that survival of the fittest sort of way about him. Freddie Highmore (from Bates Motel) as Luca. Those two actors I have mentally placed as the faces in the story. I’d have to go back to the book to think of some of the other characters.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Not familiar with Freddie. But early Micky Rourke, before he turned all muscular, I could see.

      • Lisa Barbarossa

        Freddie Highmore is currently in the tv series Bates Motel, playing the teen Norman Bates. He is known for his role in August Rush, The Spiderwick Cronicles, Charlie and the Chocolate factory. He is a young adult now but still holds that boyish charm in his face. He is the perfect young Norman Bates. He would make the perfect Luca,

  5. ashrepeat

    Boricio should *absolutely* be played by Michael Raymond-James – that’s who came into my head as I read and he stuck with me!!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      You know, when I first pictured Boricio, before I assigned any actor to him, he kind of looked like Michael Raymond James, who I wasn’t familiar with before you mentioned him. So, yeah, looks-wise, anyway, I could see that. Have to see him act, though for the final determination (in my mind, anyway).

      • Mtchambers76

        Check out true blood: season 1 episode 12, minutes 18-31. You’ll get a good picture of Michael.

  6. Kelly Mathews

    Oh wow, my Boricio went in a totally different direction…I’ve always pictured him (perhaps wrongly) as looking kinda like Vin Diesel. Yes, I know he does not match the given description very well, but I can see him spouting all the dialogue and looking strong enough to do everything Boricio does.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Don’t let us disrupt the way you see him! I’d see Vin more as Ed Keenan, though.

  7. Sean Platt (@SeanPlatt)

    I would have NEVER thought of Quinto as Boricio, but I could totally see that. I think my number one choice is still Matthew Mcconaughey. Jeff Bridges for Will = HELL YEAH.

  8. Joni

    If we’re allowed to cast guys when they were younger, I’d go with a young Javier Bardem for Boricio. I guess Matthew McC would be okay… I personally picture him as being dark haired, more like Quinto or Bardem 🙂 Love the Statham idea for Ed. Only because he’s hot! It’s funny how we envision people when we read and/or write. I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but the character’s I’ve seen are almost spot on to what I’ve pictured. Jeff Bridges for Will-Excellent choice, Sam Shepard would rock too. Luca’s the tough one.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Yeah, I’m not familiar with too many child actors young enough to play Luca as a child. Sam Shepard is great, though I don’t quite see him as right a fit for Will as would be Jeff Bridges. I also thought of Walter from Fringe as Will, hence the Bishop last name 🙂

      And yeah, I pictured Boricio with dark hair. I never would’ve thought of Matthew until I heard him on Letterman, and thought, shit, HE IS SO how I picture Boricio to sound.

  9. lucinda

    I think Aaron Eckhart would both be brilliant as Boricio. Henry Cavill as Brent.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      I’ve got a friend who would LOVE your choice on Henry. If we ever do get a movie made, I’m pretty sure she’ll hurt me if I don’t try and get Henry involved. Aaron is another good one I never would’ve thought of.

  10. sonja

    i see paul rudd as boricio. he has that boyish charm that makes women think that he is safe but if you look close enough you might see a dark side hidden within. also in my mind’s eye will is christopher lloyd, although he is prbably just a bit in his prime for the part.

  11. Tracey

    The entire time I have read each episode I have seen Joe Pesci as Boricio. He may be a little too old now for the part but he is perfect for the role.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Now that is someone I never would’ve thought of. Would be funny as hell, though!

    • Dave

      YES!!!!!!! That’s who I’ve pictured ever since I started reading the series. Mira Furlan from Lost as my Mary (although she’s too old, that’s who I see in my head, just as I see Christopher Lloyd as Will). Not sure about Paola or Luca though.

  12. Sean Platt (@SeanPlatt)

    There’s probably no one in the world who would play a better Boricio than Josh Holloway. That’s an excellent choice. And WOW, I love the thought of Paul Rudd going dark.

  13. Carli

    James Franco for Boricio. I always picture Desmond looking like the guy who played Desmond on Lost. I like Jeff Bridges for Will.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Yeah, I pictured Desmond as that guy, too, a few times. Not sure who Sean thought of, as he created Desmond.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Like the Highlander, there can be only one Desmond!

  14. Annette Evans

    I agree with Sidney. When I read Boricio, I picture Benicio del Toro.

  15. Desiree H

    I too pictured Jeff Bridges as Will!

    For some reason the actor who played Desmond in Lost was stuck in my head as Desmond in these books too. Apparently my brain equates that guy with that name.

    Keenan – Mark Wahlberg
    Brent – Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Boricio – I think (a younger) Benicio del Toro got stuck in my head because of the name similarities but the Zachary Quinto suggestion is AWESOME!
    Mary – Lena Headey
    Paola – Saoirse Ronan
    John – Giovanni Ribisi
    Luca – you know, I don’t think he had a face in my imagination. Freddie Highmore would actually be pretty fitting, but then who would play younger and older Luca?

  16. Desiree H

    Oh, I forgot to add The Prophet – must be because of the crazy/bad guy type but the guy who plays the Governor on The Walking Dead.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Visually speaking, I always imagined the Prophet as the guy who plays Herschel. David Morrissey, while a great actor, is quite a bit younger.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Woah, all this time and I never realized that! Thanks, Blaine!

  17. Suzanne

    I am thinking of Luis Guzman when I think of Boracio. Just the perfect villian!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Interesting. I wouldn’t of thought of him for Boricio. I did think of him as Luis, though. Fittingly enough, with the name.

  18. Suzanne

    For Charlie I would cast Jesse Eisenberg, for Mary Julie Benz, for Desmond Nathan Fillion, for Ed Keenan Tom Cruise. 🙂

  19. jackiek

    How about Walton Goggins as Boricio ?? He plays Boyd Crouder on Justified. Or Seth Green. He’s maniacal at times.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      I could see Walton, loved him on The Shield. I haven’t yet watched Justified, though I’m sure I’ll love it, since it has the lead from Deadwood. Seth Green, I couldn’t imagine, though. I’ve only seen him do funny, not serious roles.

  20. Mtchambers76

    David Fincher for director. Ross & Reznor scoring. Yeah, its girl w a dragon tattoo team, so what. I’m rereading the series before season 4. I just read The Prophet’s 2:15 sermon. Awesome trailer idea. Ed Harris voicing over snippets of the sermon (some dark-ass music in the background) while all hell is breaking loose on screen. (The last part of voiceover from Harris) “and no man shall close the doors on him again.” (Fade in Boricio’s face, while he’s performing a coup de grace) “Well ain’t this some beer battered bullshi (cut & fade).”

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