Yesterday’s Gone Season Four Teaser 1

Here’s a teaser for the upcoming season of Yesterday’s Gone.

Yesterday's Gone: Season Four Promo 1

Stay tuned as we’ll be uploading new images, video, and other stuff in the coming weeks.

What sort of Yesterday’s Gone things would you like to see us post? 

More teasers?

Behind the scenes on the writing?


All of the above?

Something else?

Leave a comment below or email us and let us know.

Thank you for reading,


21 responses to Yesterday’s Gone Season Four Teaser 1

  1. Bobbie

    I would love to see some of the scenes from YG acted out by Shawn & David for our viewing pleasure! That would be ideal I think! (& by the by, your post above says to “stat tuned”…

    • Bobbie

      Oh, and apparently David’s updated his name now to DavidWwright also? Lot of trouble to go through to add just one letter, but to each his own…

      • DavidWwright Post Author

        I’ve used both with and without the W. Amazon people went and linked our profile to the one with W in it, so I try and use that when I can think to remember.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Yeah, that’s gonna happen!
      Thanks for the catch. I’d love to say I meant stat, but I’d be lying.

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      We will write something. However, the way we’re writing it, we’re hoping you won’t need much of a reminder. I’ll explain more as the book gets closer, but it will be a LOT easier to keep track of… I hope.

      • Steph

        Is there a recap anywhere? I’m confused about the timelines/this world, that world now that I’m on Season 4. Recap/summary would be really helpful!

      • DavidWwright Post Author

        No, there’s no recap. We felt a recap would only confuse people more. The story should stand on its own. Also, the timeline picks up around a year after everyone went back home. You will NOT need to remember timelines in this season. Everything, save for a couple of back story things, take place in the present day on THIS WORLD. Trust me, it’s far less confusing that Season Three. 🙂

        You can email me any questions you have at collectiveinkwellmedia (at) and I’d be happy to clear anything up that isn’t.

      • Steph

        Thank you! Have I mentioned you guys are THE BEST?!?! Can’t wait for Tuesday!

  2. Jodi

    All the above and anything else you can think of 🙂 Man, I love this series! Can’t wait to get into Available Darkness (have had to read other books and haven’t had time yet but believe me – those are next!

  3. Joanne

    Oh, Dave. Didn’t your mother tell you that it’s not nice to tease? Glad you didn’t listen. More, please.

  4. bowlingfd1955

    Teasers! Nail biting here waiting on YG season 4! Oh and can I buy the poster?

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Unfortunately, I can’t sell the poster, as I’d have to pay a much higher cost for licensing rights to the stock photo we used. And we’d never sell enough posters to make up for the cost. But I’m glad you liked it.

  5. Trudy

    Don’t want no teasers… Want the book!
    Don’t just talk about it, Publish It! LOL 😉

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      We aren’t JUST talking about it. We’re writing it, too. But in the meantime, I think we should tease it a bit to make people aware. We spend so much time writing that it’s hard to publicize stuff, so we need to get better on that end, I feel.

  6. Stephanie Benhase

    I love love love Bobbie’s idea. You could act out some of the scenes yourselves or cast your friends. Maybe you could do a “fast draw” recap video. That would be fun.

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