WhiteSpace: Season Two


WhiteSpace: Season Two CoverWhiteSpace: Season Two (Episodes 7-12)

From the writers of the bestselling, groundbreaking series, Yesterday’s Gone, comes the follow up to the reader favorite sci-fi thriller, WhiteSpace: Season One.

Hamilton Island has just recovered from a school shooting which rocked the small bedroom community. But the shooter wasn’t acting alone.

Roger Heller was part of something bigger…

A conspiracy of scientific experiments, missing citizens, and ancient secrets threatening the island and its people.

Behind it all: the enigmatic Blake Conway.

Can Jon Conway piece the mystery together before he loses someone else that he loves?

Can Roger Heller’s surviving family move on from his heinous actions?

Will Cassidy’s addictions destroy her new family with Emma and Jon?

Can Milo trust the mysterious Don Bellows?

What will happen when Brock Houser launches his own investigation?

WhiteSpace is a character-driven, mysterious, sci-fi thriller that would be right at home with superbly scripted TV shows likeLOSTThe Killing, and Fringe.

WhiteSpace: Season Two

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WhiteSpace: Episode 7

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While we might eventually make this title free for a promotion a few months from now, we ended our free weekly episodes experiment we did with Available Darkness: Season Two, because it did not work.

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2 responses to WhiteSpace: Season Two

  1. sonja

    I joined the goners because of white space and Z 2134. white space is my fav. free or not i will read it. you two do a great job. i enjoy reading yesterday’s gone but i haven’t finished it yet (i am on season three) it’s so intense that i have to take a break on occ. to give my stress level a break!! like i said great writers.

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