Our 47North Serial, Monstrous had a great weekend, thanks to a Kindle Daily Deal promotion, which made the book Number One in both the paid horror and fantasy/urban genres!

What’s really cool, is that first we beat Stephen King back in January with Yesterday’s Gone: Season One, and this time around, we beat out his son, Joe Hill, with Monstrous: Season One!

The writing duo of Platt and Wright toppled the King writing duo!

OK, not really toppled.

King and Hill, both writers we admire (hell, King is what got us started on serials!), are on the lists ALL THE TIME! They practically live atop Number One Mountain, and deservedly so.

We made it there, for a day or so, thanks to an Amazon Kindle Daily Deal sale both times, so we’re not really blowing the trumpet here.

But, hell, Number One is Number One, and until we make it to the top of the New York Times bestselling list someday (we can dream, can’t we?), we’ll take these minor victories, as fleeting as they may be.

So, thanks, Amazon, for the brief moment of glory. Now back to the business of writing WhiteSpace: Season Two, which is due in April.

If you haven’t yet read Monstrous, you can get it in print or for your Kindle device/app at Amazon:




Yesterday's Gone The Number One Horror Book


  1. Westside Ron

    Hey Guys,
    Congrats on all the #1s you’ve been receiving lately… I can’t think of 2 harder working guys that deserve it! Really like the look of the new website too. I like the way you released the entire Available Darkness season all at once… while I don’t necessarily read it all at one time, it is nice to have it all there, instead of having to wait for it. But I do buy the entire season, rather than trying to grab it for free… I want to see you guys get paid for all of your hard work, and the hours of entertainment you provide to your readers! Can’t wait for all the other series that I’ve been waiting for to resume!!!

    Westside Ron

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