Live Chat TONIGHT (Plus Great News!)

Hey there, fellow Goners,

Weeeeee’re back.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Sean and I decided to take January off (from publishing, but not writing, as you’ll soon see), following a crazy, hectic book-per-week release schedule last year.

Well, guess what — we’re going to do it again in 2013!

Turns out that after we wrote seven series seasons last year — Yesterday’s Gone, WhiteSpace, ForNevermore, Available Darkness, Dark Crossings, and the 47North series, Z 2134 and Monstrous, we kind of left some of you hanging on a “to be continued…” or six.

We took a small break, got our ducks in a row, and came up with our schedule for 2013.

We’ll tell you everything next Tuesday when we kick off Collective Inkwell’s 2013 Season with Available Darkness: Season Two. I know, we originally planned to publish today, but trust us, next week when you see WHY we chose to delay the launch, you are gong to LOVE us.

Reading that Collective Inkwell’s 2013 Season has been delayed by a week, along with Available Darkness, might seem like bad news, but by this time next week, you WILL think it’s GREAT news.

Especially if you’re the type of reader who likes all the answers at once.


You can join us at 8:30 p.m. EST Tonight (Tuesday Feb. 5, 2013) for a live video and text chat via Google Hangouts. We’ll be broadcasting live on our Google Plus channel, discussing this year’s projects and answering your questions.

You can join in by either adding us to your Google Circles and emailing me in advance requesting an invite to join our live video chat, or (I think) you can show up and just chat.

Or… you can send us an email at and ask us a question today and we’ll try and get to it tonight. If you do post a question publicly on video or chat, please don’t give any spoilers to readers who aren’t as caught up as you on all of our stories. So try and find creative ways to ask spoilery questions, please 🙂

The show will also be posted on our Youtube channel where you can watch live:


Monstrous coverLastly, the exciting first season finale of Monstrous will be out via Kindle Serials today. And it’s also the last chance (I think) to buy the book for $1.99.

I believe the worldwide edition of Monstrous is also due out very, very soon. I’ll send out links once I have them.

As always, thank you for reading,

David Wright

& Sean Platt

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