Number One!

WOW! What a way to start 2013!

Amazon offered Yesterday’s Gone: Season One as a Kindle Daily Deal on January 1, and the book rocketed up the charts!

But could we beat Stephen King’s 11/22/63?

Around noon, I figured we had no shot since King’s latest opus was selling for only $3.99! A bargain because mainstream books typically sell for significantly more.

By early evening though, Yesterday’s Gone: Season One hit the top spot for horror and sci-fi on Amazon!



This was a great way to kick off 2013, and a tremendous way to close out our year of weekly releases which began last January.


Sean and I started 2012 with one goal — to become “Kings of the Serial.”

We knew the only way to make it to the point where we could write fiction full-time was to do what our favorite TV channels do — deliver strong, character-driven serialized fiction every week!

We wanted to be the HBO, AMC, or Showtime of the Kindle Generation.

HBO, AMC, and Showtime made Sundays the night for superply scripted TV drama. We went with Tuesdays, writing almost non-stop to deliver our killer cliffhangers to you, every week without fail.

Thanks to an awesome core group of readers who get what we’re doing (with similar tastes in serialized fiction), we’ve been fortunate enough to keep doing what we love most — writing.

2012 saw Seasons Two and Three of Yesterday’s Gone, and first seasons of WhiteSpace and ForNevermore. In early fall, Amazon’s 47North invited us to be part of Amazon Publishing’s new Kindle Serials program by signing us for two serials: Z 2134 and Monstrous.

Thank you again for helping us write full-time for a living. While we rarely leave the house, and Sean now has so little color you can barely tell he has Mexican blood, we’ve never been happier.


We hit 2012 hard and fast, without much of a plan. That meant we were often writing with scant time before publication. Writing too fast, and with a bare-cupboard budget, meant we had way more typos than we would’ve liked.

This year, we’re going to slow things down a bit.

We’re still planning a weekly release schedule, but are taking January off.

Well, sort of. We’re still writing non-stop…

But we’re not releasing anything new until the first Tuesday in February, except for the three remaining episodes of Monstrous which will be published by 47North on January 8, January 22, and February 5.

The goal is to have a bit more time to write our serials and give our editors more time to edit, making for a better reading experience for all.

On February 5, we’ll be back, kicking off Available Darkness: Season Two with Episode 7, which will run for six weeks.

After AD, we’ll be returning for the long-awaited follow-up seasons for both WhiteSpace and ForNevermore.

And early this summer, we’ll be following up with the fourth season of Yesterday’s Gone.

And if that isn’t enough, we’re also planning second seasons for Monstrous and Z 2134, plus, of course, more Dark Crossings shorts.

As you can see, our 2013 is shaping up to be as busy as 2012! We look forward to paving new roads, exploring new worlds, and crafting fresh characters to share with you this year!

Thank you for reading,

David Wright and Sean Platt

14 responses to Number One!

  1. Bill Belfield

    Very busy indeed. Where do you take Yesterday’s Gone , curious. Can’t wait for Z2134 Season 2.

    Got an idea for you. Lee Child has the character Jack Reacher , a one man army and man mountain, nothing like the diminutive Tom Cruise in the film. Anyway , Reacher has the knack of trouble finding him, and as the body count stacks up he always seems to evade capture by the authorities. Mix in a bit of a mix of characters , like Boricio as the hunter , some bio warfare , some undead , The Reacher character doing his business for the common good. A character with a simple lifestyle who we aspire to be. Might work. Might not. I’m talking bollocks. Carry on the good work. Regards , Avid Reader .

    • thedavidwwright Post Author

      Thanks, Bill.

      I think I might be the only guy who never read any of the Jack Reacher novels, but we are planning a slightly more action-oriented series which revolve around a one man machine. There’s also a bit of that in Monstrous, though I’m sure it’s a far cry from Jack Reacher-type action.

      Thank you for the ideas! We’ll definitely keep you in the loop when we hit our action series!

  2. Jodi Cornelius

    Ok that’s it. You guys need to clone yourselves so stuff can get done quicker! 🙂 But I’m really looking forward to the release of Season 4 of Yesterday’s Gone and then I’ll have to decide on what series I want to start next. It’s a toss up between Z2134 and ForNevermore. Decisions, decisions, decisions….. If only that was the toughest decision I will have to make this year! Thanks for all the hard work and great stories you’ve given us this past year and may you have a “very Boricio year” 🙂

    • thedavidwwright Post Author

      Thanks, Jodi! As far as decisions, we’re kind of facing that with which stories we want to tell this year. We have so many ideas, and yet we have second seasons (and a fourth for YG) so yeah, right about now, I’d gladly take a clone!

      Of course if I did a clone, it would probably turn out like the time Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes cloned himself!

      • Jodi Cornelius

        Ain’t nothin wrong with Calvin! You could do worse…..oh…..wait….

  3. Kathy Austin

    You guys are worse than crack (not that I’d really know what that was like, just making a point)…addictive as hell! In a good way. I can’t wait for the next episode of ANY of your work…doesn’t matter to me what…I love them all equally. But I think I’m going to really love Edward!

  4. thedavidwwright Post Author

    Thanks, Kathy! And I think you just found our next marketing angle: “Worse than crack.” We could do a whole public service announcement about addiction to serials and stuff.

  5. Glyn

    Congratulations! I am a fan of the ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ series and eagerly await the next episodes. I have also bought the zombie series but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. Keep going guys and thankyou for bringing something new to the ebook world. Serials work a treat!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Thanks, Glyn. And sorry that your comment was locked in moderation so long without me seeing it. Should be fixed now. Thanks again for the kind words.

  6. Christina

    Just wanted ya’ll to know that I am totally in love with Yesterday’s Gone!! It has become my favorite of all books I have read!! I just this morning finished Monsterous and loved that as well. It has been a long while since I have been excited about waiting for a book so thank you so much. If Stephen is the “King of Horror” you two are definitely “The Princes of Darkness”!! Keep on with your awesomeness and I will wait patiently till summer for the 4th set of “gone” with the rest of “The Goners”. In the meantime I intend to download everything I can find that y’all have written onto my kindle!!

    • DavidWwright Post Author

      Thank you, Christina. As for princes, we’ll settle for Kings of the Serial 🙂

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