The ForNevermore Facelift

When you’re known for writing dark, gritty, scary stories with tons of F Bombs, you get something of a reputation.

You know when you buy a Sean Platt and David Wright book, you’re in for an awesome, R-Rated thrill ride into the great unknown.

But sometimes a good reputation (yes, I wear our rep for bad language like a badge of honor), can work against you. As it did with ForNevermore.

ForNevermore was a tough sell for us — a Young Adult dark fantasy.

It was as if we told you, “Hey, you know all that cool shit we normally do? Well, we’re going soft, selling out, and doing a book full of sparkling vampires, mopey teens with colored hair, and ripped, shirtless werewolves.”

And rightly, there was some resistance.

We got email from readers who said, “No thanks. Let me know when you write something for adults again, thank you.”

And while the series sold okay, it didn’t do anywhere near the numbers of our other series, Yesterday’s Gone and WhiteSpace.

Sales-wise, ForNevermore was a failure.

But as time passed readers (many who said they’ve already read all our other stuff *which is awesome!) have been giving ForNevermore a shot, and reaching out to tell us that they LOVE the story.

And usually, they’re rather surprised to be admitting this… as if they’re admitting to liking Justin Bieber.

Please don’t tell us you like Justin Bieber!

In fact, most of the reviews (and emails) for the series say something like, “This isn’t my usual thing, but…”


While we wrote ForNevermore as a Young Adult title, that doesn’t make it a book for children.

Young Adult doesn’t have to mean bad.

Young Adult doesn’t have to be something you won’t identify with unless you’re a teenage girl.

Young Adult doesn’t have to be the bottom of the literary barrel.

In fact, there’s tons of great all-ages and Young Adult books out there. Some of our earliest inspirations came in middle school, books and stories that might not have been called Young Adult at the time, but were essentially the same thing — books that appeal to young and old alike.

Which is what we like to think ForNevermore does.

It’s no less scary, thrilling, or cliffhanger-y (let’s pretend that’s a word), than anything else we write. It’s YA by virtue only of what it’s missing — sex and our more colorful language

Now we’re getting email from readers asking when ForNevermore will have a second season?

And here’s the thing… a second season for us, at the moment, is likely a financial loss. The first season didn’t sell well enough to justify the time and expense to follow it up. Hell, it probably wouldn’t even recoup editing costs!

However, we don’t want to leave readers hanging.

There WAS a pretty killer cliffhanger, after all. And we’ve got a lot more story we want to tell in that world. So we WILL DO a second season.

But, we need Season Two to do well & We need the first season to do better.


We don’t think the issue is the story. Reviews have been great. And WE love the story.

We think the biggest problem facing ForNevermore is that we’re not established YA authors. While we’ve gotten attention in the post-apocalyptic, horror, and sci-fi genres, we’re virtually unknown to the YA community.

So we recently hired book cover designer Stephanie Mooneyto help us give the cover a facelift. Stephanie has done work for authors including Edward W. Robertson, Patti Larsen, Lauren Hammond, Shauna Granger, Abbi Glines, and a host of others.

We did seven different covers when we initially published this spring, but decided we’d have Stephanie create one unified cover for the whole first season this time around.

Our original cover is to the left.

The one with the roses.

And then below, is Stephanie’s redesigned cover.

Beautiful, eh?

ForNevermore Season 1 Cover

So with the new cover, we’re doing a full-out push to make this series work.


If you already bought ForNevermore, we’d love you to leave a review for either the first episode or the full Season One compilation.

Here’s the UK link for the first episode: first episode and the full Season One compilation.

If you’ve not yet tried it, now’s your chance to do so for free!

We’re offering the first episode for FREE on Sept. 6, 7, 8, 2012. 

And then starting next Tuesday, Sep. 11, we’ll be offering the full season, one episode at a time, for FREE on both Tuesday and Wednesday of each week.

Yes, the full season will be free over the course of the next six weeks.

And if you like it, please, please, PLEASE, leave a review.

Please TELL YOUR FRIENDS about ForNevermore.

If you know YA readers who might like it, please tell them to check it out.

Please review it at GoodReads, if you’re a member.


I love this story, and want to keep telling it.

And we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Thank you for reading,

David Wright


10 responses to The ForNevermore Facelift

  1. Grit

    First episode ordered on Amazon. Not a big Young Adult fan because lately the genre has succumbed to mediocrity, but I have faith in you guys 🙂

  2. Phil

    Taking a YA plunge, Dude. Love first season of Yesterday’s Gone so far. Thanks for writing it.

  3. blu

    Read chapter one. Loved chapter one. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Biggest news: I actually left a review on the Amazon page! Great job.

    And I’ll try the zombie thing. To me, the only good thing about zombie-mania is the hilarious targets they sell at my shooting range. All the zombies look like…well, zombies, and all the victims are buxom blondes! But, since I trust you guys, I’ll give it a try. I liked ForNevermore way more than I thought I would, and as usual, you gave us a WTF ending!

  4. Westside Ron

    Okay, as others have said, “not my usual cup of tea”, but I have a great deal of faith in the writing that the two of you do, so I thought I’d give it a try, and bought the entire first season (wanted to support the series)… I’ll leave an Amazon review when I’m done. I now have everything you guys have done (I think)… 3 seasons of Yesterday’s Gone, first season of Whitespace, both Dark Crossings compilations, the first 2 episodes of Available Darkness, and now, the first season of ForNevermore… that way, I don’t experience withdrawals while waiting for the next episode, or next season, of one of the other series. Keep ’em coming, and I’ll keep buying!

    • David Wright

      Thanks, Ron! And yes, you are all caught up! Well, until Tuesday when we have another release 🙂

      Hope you enjoy ForNevermore. Given that we don’t really read YA, it’s probably not gonna read more like an adult story, and hopefully you don’t even notice the missing curse words and sex. If so, you can always just open up to any Boricio chapter in Yesterday’s Gone!

  5. Westside Ron

    Actually, it’s not for the “colorful language” or the sex that I enjoy your books for, (not saying that that was what you were implying)… the two of you have become some of my favorite authors due to the quality of the writing itself, in the same way that the Crouch/Kilborn/Konrath books have become some of my favorites, in spite of the gore,violence, and language… not that I mind any of that stuff… I do enjoy it, to be honest – my favorite movie genres are zombies and slashers. In the appropriate context of the subject matter, it can add an intensity to the story that could not otherwise be expressed… I can take it or leave it.

    Stephen King and Charles L Grant have long been absolute favorites of mine, and none of
    this is present in their books. As long as the story is sound, it is not really necessary, but it can add a certain element to the story, especially in this jaded society, where movies that once upon a time were X-rated, are now R-rated, and a certain amount of “shock value” must be integrated into the story / movie in order to hold the attention of a jaded audience.

    As you said in the “Questions Answered” section of your website – “all of our language, violence, and sex is never done to titillate. It’s there simply to serve the story. And it’s ALWAYS within the context of the character’s POV.”

    And… “if you’re surrounded by bleakers and trying to get your keys into the car to open the door to get away and those keys were to slip from your hand, you wouldn’t say “gosh diddly darn” like Ned Flanders!”

    There is a difference in what we might say or do in real life, as opposed to publisher edited content, and that’s one of the reasons why indie authors are becoming more popular with the
    advent of the Kindle (and other e-readers)… we don’t have big publishing house editors filtering (censoring?) what the authors meant to say, how people might react in real life, or what we were meant to read! Freedom of Speech…

    Sorry to vent, ramble, and rant, but I’m getting tired of reading reviews from readers complaining about all the sex, language, and violence (not just in your books, but other indie writers as well)… or the lack of it… some readers seem to get disappointed without it (I might worry about those)… my main objective was to point out that the absence of all of this does not, in any way, detract from the quality of the ForNevermore story… a good story, is a good story, when all is said and done… keep up the good work!

    • David Wright

      Thanks, Ron. Very well said, and I couldn’t agree more.

      I often wonder about the morality police who target authors for bad language. It must be nice to live in their world where all the other problems such as poverty, violence, crime, corruption, etc… take a back seat to the REAL problem of the day — the F Bomb being used in a book!

      For us, it IS all about the story, and I like to think we put the same passion into each story we tell, regardless of audience. Thank you for the kind words.

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