Inside the Pages: Dark Crossings Volume 2

Cover for Dark Crossings Volume 2

This is from the Author’s Note for Dark Crossings Volume 2. It contains no spoilers.

We often compare our serials as journeys into the unknown. Whether it’s the post-apocalyptic landscape of Yesterday’s Gone, the small island paranoia in WhiteSpace following a school shooting, or a trip into the unknown mental state of Noella in ForNevermore, we love taking long, winding journeys into the unexplored, magical, and downright terrifying.

But every now and then, we like to break things up with a shorter sojourn — a day trip, if you will. Or, perhaps more appropriately, a day trip by way of nightmares.

And that’s where Dark Crossings comes in.

The name Dark Crossings serves dual meanings for Sean and I. 

It’s the intersection where our creative worlds come together. We write everything together, but these short stories are usually written as solo efforts, though we both edit, and sometimes suggest changes or plot out the story. It’s where we try to impress (and scare) each other most often.

But the name also serves as the world (and worlds) where our stories take place — kinda like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. A place where shadows on the wall are more than just shadows, where the monster in the closet isn’t just a myth, and a place where the dead don’t always stay dead.

Dark Crossings is our series of short stories inspired, in large part, by classics such as The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and The Outer Limits, and the great short fiction that inspired those series.

We wanted to write short stories with killer endings.

Sometimes the stories have a twist ending. Other times, not. We try not to lock ourselves into a particular formula, and like to play with convention, even if its the conventions we set for ourselves.

While Sean and I don’t set out to write within specific themes in these stories, sometimes themes prove oddly persistent. In our first six stories, collected in the first volume of Dark Crossings, many of the stories focused on love and what people do in the name of love.

Looking at the current crop of stories in this volume, the themes have gotten darker — love gone bad, bullying, and abuse make up a bulk of these stories.

“Really, Dave? Love gone bad, infidelity, bullying, AND abuse? Sign me up for this thrill-ride!” 

Yet, I think this collection is also one of our most varied.

Are We There Yet? tells the tale of a cheating man whose trip is derailed by a sentient GPS. This might be our most Twilight Zone-ish story yet.

If You Don’t Finish Reading This, Everyone You Know Will Die is a story from the perspective of a man riddled with OCD who tries to go cold turkey from giving into his compulsions. The only problem is, he’s certain that if he doesn’t give in, bad things will happen. Remember the anxiety that the old “step on a crack, break your mother’s back” thing kids used to say would cause? This takes that to the nth degree.

What Would Boricio Do? is our first crossover story, featuring the serial killer from Yesterday’s Gone, prior to the events of that series. Boricio Wolfe is working his way up the ladder in a restaurant, trying to keep his nose clean (or at least not get caught). Then he sees a child with a monster of a father that brings back some memories of his own evil step-dad. Will Boricio risk it all to help a kid in need? And what exactly does Boricio consider helping?

Hide and Seek follows a philandering mother who brings her daughter to the park, but fails to keep an eye on the girl because she’s too busy sexting her lover. During a game of hide-and-seek, her daughter goes missing.

The Good Deeds Society takes a look at a small gated community where everyone begins to have dreams in which a mysterious Lady in the Light instructs them to do good deeds for one another. Well, almost everyone is having the dreams. Even though Hugh’s wife was one of the first to see the Lady in the Light, Hugh hasn’t yet. And he’s wondering if everyone around him is losing their minds and just how far this ‘society’ will go in pursuit of its mission.

Monsters is about a 10 year old who must navigate bullies waiting for him as he goes to and from school. Should he take the shortcut through the woods where The Monster lives, or take his chances with the human monsters?

We have also included Author Notes for each of the stories, to get a bit more into the behind-the-scenes inspiration of each tale.

The weird thing about writing these short stories is that they’re not just trips into the world of Dark Crossings, they also feel like journeys into ourselves — our pasts, our fears, our regrets, and the lurking shadows and monsters which haunt many of us.

Thank you for taking these excursions and facing these monsters with us.

We appreciate you taking the time to join us.

Watch out for the shadows,

David Wright & Sean Platt

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