What Would Boricio Do?

What Would Boricio Do coverWhat Would Boricio Do began as something of an inside joke between Sean and I while writing the first season of Yesterday’s Gone. It’s obviously a play on the What Would Jesus Do? (W.W.J.D.) motto which asks evangelical Christians to consider what Jesus would do in any situation, to help guide their decision making.

W.W.B.D. is kinda the opposite of that. What would a homicidal serial killer rapist do? How would he handle any given situation?

W.W.B.D. It was our take on dealing with stressful situations, stupid people, or hell, even the weather.

Someone take your parking spot?

What Would Boricio Do?

Someone let their dog crap all over your lawn and then just left it there?

What Would Boricio Do?

And while we can’t go around in polite society breaking people’s legs when they take your parking spot or let their dogs turn your lawn into a minefield, it’s fun to imagine.

It was a fun little thing and we even made a video.

Before the first season was out, people were already responding positively to Boricio. I was kind of surprised, to be honest. A secondary character that Sean created simply as “the bad guy” to begin with, had become one, if not our most, memorable character to date.

I’m not sure if that flatters or scares us.

Readers began asking us to write a story about Boricio. And Sean was all too thrilled to do that!

But I vetoed the idea, thinking that having Boricio carry a story, without something to counter him, was a bad idea. He’s all id, and let’s face it, sometimes repulsive. To write him just doing what he does seemed about as pointless as a bad slasher flick.

We talked about it a bit. Debated, actually.

Then we started thinking about our short story, The Watcher. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s a precursor to an idea I had years ago for a series like Dexter. It was about a killer of serial killers. Of course, Dexter wasn’t the first to do that. You could argue that the Death Wish movies was (maybe) the first popular series to do that. But when Dexter came out, it killed my desire to write that story. But now that I’ve seen how Dexter has played out, I’m confident that my story is quite different, and I can write it.

Sean and I were looking to do a few short stories between seasons of Yesterday’s Gone: Season Three, our reboot of Available Darkness, and our new zombie series. Given that so many people have asked for a Boricio story, we thought, why not try it like this… a bit of a play on the series which will be based on The Watcher, with Boricio dealing with someone (arguably) worse than himself.

So we wrote the first Boricio solo adventure, What Would Boricio Do?

Check it out at Amazon. It’s just .99 at the moment, though we’ll probably raise the price when our next Dark Crossings collection of short stories comes out.


Johnny B. Truant, Sean, and I weren’t content doing just one weekly podcast, the Self Publishing Podcast. We thought what the world really needed was more of three guys talking into microphones.

Seriously, we had so much fun riffing off-topic on SPP, we thought, why not do a show geared towards our main audience, horror readers? We’re all writing zombie books, we’re all huge fans of the genre, and it gives us an excuse to get all fanboy about the latest horror TV, movies, books, and video games!


So, we started the Better Off Undead Show, a new horror podcast which you can catch every Thursday. We just did our second episode, where we set out to discuss fast zombies vs. slow zombies. And then we got sidetracked… for about 90% of the show.

If you’re looking for a fun way to kill an hour a week, where we may or may not talk about something horror-related, check the show out. One word of warning, though, the language is decidedly Not Safe For Work, so it’s not a show you wanna listen to at work, unless you have a kick ass job. And probably not something you wanna listen to in front of the kids, unless you are planning on auditioning for your own little Honey Boo Boo show.

Our first episode was dedicated to THE WORST HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE. We challenge you to find one worse, and we’ll watch it!

Thank you for reading,

We’ll be writing on Tuesday with a look at our next short story, Hide and Seek.

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