Author's Note: Episode 14

Spoiler Alert: If you’re not caught up through Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 13, then please don’t read this…

We added this author’s note to Episode 14 following some questions from readers. We had to revise the book to include this note, so your copy may or may not have it in the book. We will include it in future editions this season. And we’ll leave it here on the website for you to read.

Author’s Note:

Hi, fellow Goner.

When we started Yesterday’s Gone last summer, we knew that we’d have some ‘splainin’ to do when we finally pulled the curtain back to show you what happened right before The Event of October 15.

Sean and I (Dave) have spent many hundreds of hours hammering out this storyline, and believe this season will be one of the most powerful stories we’ve written together. The challenge of presenting a complex narrative is to tell it without insulting the reader with constant reminders of what they know, while making it so people who have gone weeks or months between episodes can easily recall the story to that point.

It’s a fine line to balance.

Given the nature of this story, and the multiple timelines and alternate Earth characters, we wanted to take a moment, offer a recap, and address some of our most frequently asked reader questions regarding timelines and alternate characters and worlds.

There are NO SPOILERS below, provided you’ve read up to Episode 13 (the book before this one).

Yesterday’s Gone began with the premise that nearly everyone on Earth vanished on October 15, except for the main characters you first met in this story. As was revealed (to some of the characters) in Season Two, it wasn’t Earth’s population that vanished — it was them.

During the mysterious “Event” of October 15, 2011, they were somehow brought to an alternate Earth, which we refer to as “Other Earth,” where all of this story has taken place to date.

Along with the Other Earth, there are Other versions of a few of the characters, including (but not necessarily limited to) Ed, Boricio, Luca, and Will. These characters have similar, though slightly different lives.



Other Ed Keenan is a scientist at Black Island Research Facility while our Ed is a black ops sort of agent whose own people turned on him following events hinted at but not explored in the story.

Other Will Bishop is a lead consultant at Black Island Research Facility thanks to an expedition years ago where he and others uncovered something mysterious. On our Earth, Will didn’t experiment with what they found. On Other Earth, they did. Other Earth also adopted the Boricio of his world, which resulted in Other Boricio growing into a somewhat normal person rather than take the path of a serial killer like the Boricio you know and love to hate. Other Will also adopted that world’s Luca through circumstances explained in this episode.

Our Will, however, never met, nor adopted Luca or Boricio, though he was brought to our Luca through mysterious circumstances involving dreams – a gift both Wills have (though to different extents) following their exposure to the substance found many years before.

Other Luca’s parents died two years ago in an accident which led him to live with Will, and eventually to his adoption.


When we write a chapter from an alternate character’s Point Of View, we title the chapter “(Other)Will,” etc… In the case of Other Luca and Other Boricio, we use their adopted names, Boricio Bishop and Luca Bishop in the titles to help clarify who is who.

We also include a time and location in the first section for a character in each episode, and sometimes the second section if time has passed between chapters.

We are focusing on flashbacks this season more than others in order to weave our story threads together and finally reveal exactly what happened on October 15. As this season comes to a stunning finale, we will be bridging the gap between present day (which is around March 2012 for most of the characters) and their pasts.

When going back in time for the flashbacks, we’ve been using the distinction “Other Earth” to start each chapter along with the date. This Other Earth is the same as the one our Goners are currently in. We wanted to distinguish however, that this is the past on that world and not the world from which most of our Goners were pulled from.

Phew! — I hope it’s not as convoluted or as confusing as it sounds when I explain it!

If we were a TV show like Fringe,  which switched hues when the characters went from one version of their world to another, we could use some visual cues to indicate differences without using a bunch of dates, times, and locations.

You don’t need to pay too close attention to the actual dates, however. There’s not gonna be a test, and other than recognizing that something happened before or after The Event, you don’t need to keep track of what happened on what day.

To give this a bit of shorthand, we’re going to (sometimes) include something like, “TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE EVENT…” or “FOUR MONTHS AFTER…” below the introductory times for chapters, just to give you a quick feel for where the event places in the story. There may be times, for instance with a second or third chapter from a character in an episode, where we may not include that shorthand, simply as to avoid being too redundant.

I hope this all makes sense and helps you enjoy the story.

Things will make more sense in the coming episodes as you get used to the flow and we bridge the gaps between past and present, for what we hope will be our best season yet!

Thank you, as always, for choosing to spend your valuable time exploring our worlds and joining us on this really cool journey.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the story, feel free to email me at at any time. I check the mail every day and would love to hear from you, or answer any questions you might have.


Thank you,

David Wright



2 responses to Author's Note: Episode 14

  1. Nick Hazzard

    Dear David,
    I read that series: 3 would be available from June 26th ’12. I have read up to and including episode: 14 and need more!!!
    I cannot find the next episode so presume it’s not available yet. Could you tell me when it will be available please and when the others are planning to be released?
    That would be really helpful. I’d rather not start a new storey series whilst YG is still buzzing in my head!
    Many thanks and best regards,

    • David Wright

      Hi Nick, thanks for writing. We’re doing six new episodes in a row EVERY Tuesday. Episode 15 just went live today and will be free for one day on Tues. July 3.

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