Episode 13 Is Here

Yesterday's Gone: Episode 13It’s heeeeeere!

The wait is over. Yesterday’s Gone Season Three kicks off with Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 13.

Coming off our WTF Season Two ending we had quite a bit to live up to. And quite a bit to explain! The pressure was high as Sean and I went into our story meetings, hammering out the details for the upcoming season. And I’m thrilled to say that the forthcoming season is our best yet!

This is the season that we’ll finally answer the question…

What happened on October 15?

Along with that, we’re going to connect some dots and answer a few other lingering questions. And of course all of this will lead up to our best most WTF ending yet!

We look forward to you joining the journey with us!


As is custom, we’ll be releasing a new episode every Tuesday for the next six weeks.

Episodes will be on sale for .99 all season long. After Episode 18, we’ll release the full season at $5.99 and raise the prices of the episodes to $2.99. If you’re curious about our pricing, read our note on pricing.

Episode 13 is now available:

Amazon US: http://amazon.com/dp/B008CG2RD2/

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008CG2RD2/

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