Yesterday’s Gone: Season Three begins at Amazon in just four days, and today we’re announcing a virtual book launch/meet the authors party scheduled for June 18 Monday night from 8PM EST until 10PM or so.

All you need to take part is either a Facebook or Twitter account. The site will ask you to approve the app, and then you can chat with us from either your Twitter or Facebook account.

The website, Savorchat, is super easy to use and intuitive

Go here on Monday night at around 8 PM or so, and chat with us about Yesterday’s Gone, our other books, or writing, or whatever you want. It’s YOUR party, so stop by, say hi or tell us how much we suck for making you wait so long to find out what happens next! (I blame Sean)

We can’t wait to meet you.


If, for some reason the Savorchat website is down, check back here Monday night and I’ll update you with our backup chat plan!

I tested the chat out last week and it seems pretty easy. You can select (by checking a box before you enter a comment) whether or not you ALSO want to post your comments to your Facebook or Twitter timeline. I would advise not to check the box except for a couple of times if you want to share a specific comment with others. But I wouldn’t post EVERY comment you make to your feeds, or you’ll probably alienate your followers/friends.

If you’re worried about app privacy, you can always disapprove the app when you’re done (if you like). I’ve had the app approved for almost a week, though, and it hasn’t posted on my behalf, or any of the other scammy things that some apps tend to do when you give them permission.

P.S. We recently changed our Facebook fan page to a new one, with an all new design, which you can LIKE at  We thank you to everyone who subscribed to our old Yesterday’s Gone book page, but we wanted a more centralized fan page for people who want to follow us as we talk about all our other projects, such as WhiteSpace, ForNevermore, and Available Darkness.

We love chatting on Facebook, and check it throughout the day and night, often chatting with readers (when we’re talking with readers, it’s not procrastinating!)

So stop by and say hi.

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