The Challenge of Season Compilation Book Covers

One of the tricks of serialized books is coming up with a season compilation cover which looks a) different enough not to confuse readers that it’s a compilation and not another episode in the series b) similar enough that it maintains the look of the series.

Originally, I created this cover for Yesterday’s Gone, based on the Episode One cover.

  This cover looks okay, using the memorable Episode One cover image.

But it doesn’t exactly lend to the appearance that you’re getting several books.

You know, the whole “box set” look.

I’ve noticed some authors are using 3D box sets for collections on Amazon, and it seemed a good way to distinguish six books instead of one, making the compilation’s value stand out a bit more.

So, with some help from a graphic artist, we designed a 3D box set.

Here’s the “box set” image we uploaded to Amazon.

The problem with the box set, and many of them on Amazon, is that it looks . . . well, kinda fake.

Even worse is the colors on the spines.

While they worked well enough on the individual episode COVERS, the colors look a bit washed out and bland in the box set.

Would you buy THIS box set?

I don’t like this look at all.


That’s when I happened upon an image of a box set that I actually liked.

And it wasn’t a cheesy 3D looking one, but something entirely different. George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones box set for the Kindle edition. While the hardcover box set was an actual photo of a REAL box set the publisher produced, the Kindle edition shows nothing but the spines.

And it looks pretty awesome.

So I decided to make box sets for each of our season compilations.

The idea here was to take the most memorable or best cover from the season, and lay it out over the span of book spines, which I’ve seen done effectively on actual box sets of print books.

The first two books are square, while the second set (for WhiteSpace) is more in line with the actual 6×9 book size (if the books were printed). They should all be live on Amazon within a few days.

Here they are. Which covers do you like better? The original flat cover? The 3D box set? Or the spines? Let me know in the comments.

Our Newest Designed Season Compilation Covers

Yesterday’s Gone Season One – get it here at Amazon.

Yesterday’s Gone: Season Two Box Set get it here at Amazon.

And our newest compilation, WhiteSpace: Season One – coming out next Tuesday.

Link to come when the full season is available on Tuesday.




2 responses to The Challenge of Season Compilation Book Covers

  1. Mark

    I guess I’m torn between the original flat cover and the spines. The 3D box set graphic screams “internet marketing sales page” . . . to me, not appropriate for a set of fiction books.

    I’m giving the edge to the original flat cover. I think it is very clear the buyer is getting the value package of six books, and I really like that it conveys episodes 1-6 comprise season one. To me, the spines graphics would make great secondary images.

    I’ve always really liked your covers. Not sure if you do them yourself or outsource, but GREAT job!

    • David Wright

      Thanks, Mark. That was my problem with the 3d box set, too. Sorry I missed your response. I didn’t get an alert and have been neglecting the website with the launch of Season Three. Thanks for posting!

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