Beyond eBooks: The Active eBook?

J.A. Konrath has a great post up about the future of eBook technology.

Tech always changes and with those changes comes price drops and new features. While eBooks are a new delivery system, they aren’t yet bringing much new to the table. Konrath suggests a way in which that could soon change.

Most of the big internet successes of the last decade were because of users adding to the site.
And as I explained above, users are eager to add content concerning books. The want to do reviews and recommendations and talk to authors and even write fan fic.
All of this happens outside of a book.
What if it happened inside of a book?
What if you don’t join a social network to discuss books, but instead you joined a book that was a social network?

What exactly does Konrath have in mind? Nothing short of a revolutionary way to consider your story. Read the entire fascinating post at J.A. Konrath’s blog.


2 responses to Beyond eBooks: The Active eBook?

  1. Judith Briles

    That is very interesting. Though it seems complicated on how that would come about, I guess it will also happen in time. Any change are actually possible even in terms of books. Who knows, maybe a book can become a media for social interactions.

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