Self Publishing Reviews: When The Mob Attacks

So, you’ve finally gotten your book published and its on the market for review. Awesome!

Well, until the hateful reviews come in from mean spirited people who are looking to knock you down a peg or four.

Self Publishing Review has a post from Vicki Hopkins on her recent experiences with the lynch mob reviewer mentality at Amazon and GoodReads.

What are authors looking for in a review? Well, I’ll give you my two cents worth. I want to know how my story touched you as an individual. Tell me whether you thought it was a good plot. Let me know if you think my characters and dialogue were right on or not. Write about how the story either moved you or failed to move you and tell me why. Give me tips on how I could make things better, or recommend me to others if I’ve made your day.

What do authors not want from a review? Hateful comments or one stars with no comments from mean people with chips on their shoulders or grudges because they’re prejudice against self-published authors. Mean spirited reviews from people who trash your work, who clearly haven’t read it because their reviews are contrary to the content of the book itself. Being targeted when you piss off a reader, because you hold views contrary to their own.

Read the whole post at SPR.

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