Is Apple Shooting Itself In The Foot With App Policies?

Might Apple be harming itself in the long run in its bid for more money and control over how subscription content is sold via its devices?

That’s what Ced Kurtz at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette argues in a recent piece which illustrates exactly how Apple may harm publishers, the future of digital publishing, and itself.

Kurtz illustrates the many gotchas which are part of Apple’s app policy and how the app policy, which goes into effect in June, is bad for publishers and for Apple itself.

So it’s clear why Apple’s plan is not good for publishers.

Why isn’t it good for Apple? It’s a matter of immediate profit versus future business.

Tablet computers are widely seen as the best way to read digital newspapers and magazines. Last fall, iPads represented 95 percent of the tablet market.

But with dozens of tablets coming to market based on Google’s Android operating system, that market dominance won’t hold. Apple’s share has already slipped to 75 percent.

At the same time that Apple announced its subscription plan, Google announced its one-click service. You can bet that button will be in Android apps on every tablet. And Google takes only 10 percent and shares all subscriber information.

Beyond giving its competitors an opening, Apple has created a lot of ill will in the publishing community. And the Wall Street Journal reported that antiitrust enforcers are looking at the policy.

As viable alternatives to iPads become more available, content providers will remember Apple’s rapacious ways. If you want to see an example of a device that didn’t have buy-in from content providers, just look at Google TV, a total failure.

Read the whole piece at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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