Will Apple Policies Improve Publishers' Content?

While people are crying foul over Apple’s restrictive new app policies and how it forces publishers to fork over 30 percent cuts, there could be one winner in this battle (other than Apple).

GigaOM says that Apple’s latest restrictions will actually be a benefit to consumers, as it will force publishers to deliver quality content, instead of aiming simply to lure ad sales.

Much publishing today is less concerned with quality than it is with quantity. The more copies there are of a magazine in circulation — or clicks on a web page — the more eyeballs see accompanying ads. In a world where, more than ever before, readers have more choice of content, but less time to engage with it, for many publishers, the key to generating appreciable revenue lies not in value, but in volume.

And I’m not talking small-time publishers here; in early February, Business Insider revealed AOL CEO Tim Armstrong’s guide to his network’s editors, titled “The AOL Way”, in which the editorial priorities of the company are laid-bare; on a page directing editors in how to decide what topics should be covered, “Editorial Integrity” (in other words, editorial quality) is ranked last, after “Traffic Potential,” “Revenue/Profit” and “Turnaround Time.”

Read the whole post at GigaOM’s Apple Blog.

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