THIS is how you do a book trailer!

Attention authors, this is how you do a book trailer.

Funny, low-key, and memorable, this is a great way to sell your book. Of course, this won’t work for all genres, but it should inspire you.

Thanks to Catherine Caffeinated for the tip.

3 responses to THIS is how you do a book trailer!

  1. Lindsay

    Hehe, I’ve seen this one before (which proves they did a good job, since it’s being mentioned in lots of places!). Very cute. 🙂

  2. David Wright

    This has to be my favorite book trailer yet. And the best thing about it is that it’s not a big budget trailer which requires a lot of money or tons of effects. I think the danger of trying to go too far outside your budget or skill level, you stand to make a super cheesy trailer, which is worse than having no trailer. But something like this (but your own creative spin, of course), is in the reach of most writers.

    Thank you for the comment. Right now we’re mostly doing lots of news posts, pointing out links of interest as we’re gearing up for a proper return with more in-depth features in a few months.

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