Random House Winning Despite Not Being On Apple's iBooks

Score one for Amazon and publisher Random House, who was the only major publisher that opted not to join Apple’s new iBooks store, even though Apple gives publishers more control in pricing of books.

While some publishers balk at Amazon’s heavy discounting of e-books, readers are still buying Random House’s books in huge numbers despite not being on Apple’s iBooks.

In fact, Random House owned USA Today’s Top 50 Books for the week ending February 13.

But Random and its imprints and authors have benefited hugely from the price flexibility that Amazon and other retailers have been allowed, especially since the publisher and the authors get paid based on full list price even if a title is discounted below wholesale cost in the Kindle Store and elsewhere. Sixteen of the USA Today Top 50 are published by Random and its imprints, which is a dominant position given other changes in the composition of he bestseller lists. Given that Random has achieved that position without a single sale through the iBooks store, that dominance speaks eloquently of the utter failure of iBooks.

Read the whole post at Kindle Nation.

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