Google Woos Publishers With One Pass

As Apple is causing waves in the publishing industry with its new app policy which demands 30 percent of money made from in-app subscription sales, Google is hoping to undercut the tech giant with its own publishing solution called One Pass, which the company unveiled today.

Google’s service will allow customers to buy from various publishers via its One Pass service, but will only keep 10 percent of the sale.

Another difference between the two services is that Google will pass buyer information on to the publisher, unlike Apple, which allows customers to opt out of giving their information over. While some consumers might see this as a plus for Apple, publishers see it otherwise. After all, many magazines consider data from customers worth more than a subscription fee, as it allows them to deliver targeted advertising and also sell information to other companies.

Google says of its publisher-friendly data sharing:

“The publisher is the merchant of record,” said Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt in Berlin on Wednesday. “We don’t prevent you from knowing, if you’re a publisher, who your customers are, like some other people” do, he said, a tacit reference to Apple.

Mr. Schmidt added that Google’s “intention is for publishers to make all the money.” The 10% fee “roughly covers our costs,” he said.

Read more about One Pass and the escalating war between Apple and Google at The Wall Street Journal.

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