A Self Publishing Reality Check From Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking, who might be self-publishing’s “It Girl”, with her stunning success in selling 450,000 copies of her books on Kindle in January alone (and recent movie deal), has some great advice for would-be writers … self publishing is not the easy way out.

When people see the success of authors such as Hocking, J.A. Konrath, and others, they suddenly see hope. The mighty gateway to publication has been eradicated! Authors once rejected by mainstream publishing houses are now writing their own tickets.

And this is a good thing for writers – we like to see people doing what we do and finding success.

But there’s also a danger there for people who think they can find success quickly or with minimal effort. While many writers spend years writing and polishing books to send to publishers, many indie writers don’t put the same care or effort into their work.

I think Hocking hits the nail on the head with this bit.

Another thing I’m hearing a lot is that a writer is finishing writing their first novel today and planning to publish it next week. There is no way a first time novelist can have it completed, edited, and formatted properly in a week. That writer may be a fantastic novelist, like truly fantastic, but rushing a product out will only hurt them.

There is a common misconception that I published the first novel I ever wrote, and that is not true. The first book I ever published was My Blood Approves, and that was the eighth novel I’d written.

This is a must-read post for any would-be writers hoping to break in to the industry. Read the whole post at Hocking’s blog.

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