How Desperate Are You To Self Publish? Not THIS Desperate!

Want to be the next big e-book superstar? Be careful what deal you sign up for.

There’s never been so many options open to self-publishers to enter the world of writing as there are today. And many of the options are relatively cheap, with high payouts (assuming your e-book sells). So, why would Borders come up with what Huffpo is calling a horrible deal for writers?

Meet BookBrewer, the “worst major deal being offered to writers.”

The deal looks simple: you provide content, they’ll put the book up through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iBookstore and Borders’ own Kobobooks — as other services will do. Where they get really nasty is in offering their “package” for publishing. The author will pay $89.99 for each book, plus 25% of the take from any sales. Books must be priced between $2.99 and $9.99 — the price range necessary for Amazon to pay a 70% royalty on the sale of each book.

The math is frighteningly simple: A $3 book creates a payment of $2.10. BookBrewer will then take .53 cents, leaving the author with $1.57 which, presumably, will be paid at least 60 days after the sale (since that’s when Amazon would pay). So, the first 60 copies of the book sold will pay off the fee, then the author will be making a profit.

This all sounds great, especially when writers have dreams of being the next J. A. Konrath, but the reality is not so rosy. Selling those 60 copies could take six months or longer — which could well be considerably longer than Borders will survive.

With decisions like this, you can see how a company like Borders recently had to file for bankruptcy.

To see exactly why this is a bad deal for writers, check out the whole piece here.

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