Why Writers And Self-Publishers NEED A Blog

You have a blog, right?

If you’re a writer and you answered no to that question, then welcome to the new world of publishing, where social media and connecting with readers is a full-time job. And to do the job well, you need a blog.

FutureBook has a post detailing the importance of having a blog for today’s writer.

We face an ever more congested marketplace. There is more choice than ever in almost every possible subject area, with the velocity of new books only likely to increase. Although the greatest influences on sales remain things like reviews, word of mouth etc., the buying public respond to coherent and easy ways to decide whose book to choose. A well written, informative blog can be that differentiator. Especially important in the early life of a title before reviews build up – and simply critical for new or lesser known authors.

Check out the entire post here.

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