What Will Apple's Line In The Sand Mean To Kindle Publishers?

Ever since Apple drew a line in the sand by rejecting Sony’s e-reader app, and said companies would need to give Apple a 30% fee from items sold via apps, Kindle readers and publishers have been wondering how this will affect Kindle use on Apple devices.

Chris Walters of Booksprung weighed in today, outlining how he thinks this will all play out, and what it means to those using e-book apps on Apple tablets and computers.

Well, today Apple finally clarified how this new IAP policy will work for subscriptions, and with two possible exceptions it looks like ebooks were excluded.

The crucial descriptive element for determining what falls under the new policy is “subscriptions”: if you sell some sort of subscription service, whether it involves text, pictures, music or video, Apple now will take a cut of any new customers acquired within the app. This likely includes companies like Netflix and Pandora, but I’m not sure if Apple will consider other subscription-based services — like Toodledo and scanR — to be “content providers” in the same way.

However, Apple’s stance, may have other ramifications. Find out what they may be here.

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