Why YOU SHOULD Self Publish

Mary Andonian has a great guest post over at StoryFix called, Should You Self Publish? To anyone who has been reading the news posts here lately, the answer is obvious, but Mary gives you the reasons why self publishing worked for her.

Mary started out looking for a traditional publisher for her book, Bitsy’s Labyrinth, but somewhere along the way, she realized how traditional publishing can actually limit writers.

  1. Even if you do get a book deal, the advance is paltry to none.
  2. You lose the rights to the look and feel of your book, including the title and sometimes even the way your name is displayed.
  3. Publication of your book can run anywhere from 12-24 months from time of acceptance. This is after rewrites and negotiations are finalized, which can run many months more.

Check out the rest of the post for all the reasons she chose to self-publish, along with some important things she learned along the way, and how much it cost her.

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