How To Publish On Kindle

If you’re going to go the self-published route, you will likely want to learn how to publish on Amazon’s Kindle.

Here’s a post at Blogcritics covering some of the basics of self publishing on Kindle.

The Kindle publishing option offers the possibility of having your work appear on numerous devices that are compatible with Kindle software. There are no publishing fees and you have the option of retaining 70 percent of the royalties, something that few, if any, traditional publishers offer to the first-time author; traditional publishers currently pay 25 percent royalties on ebooks. And it is possible to make serious money, as authors such as J. A. Konrath and Lee Goldberg have written. Goldberg reported earnings of $7,319.80 for a single month. Another writer declined a traditional publisher’s advance and decided to publish through the Kindle.

Check out the whole post at Blogcritics here.

Also, check out George Angus’s post from last year on the topic of publishing via Kindle.

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