Are You Going To Be A Self Publishing Success Or Failure?

While I’m as excited as anyone about the self-publishing opportunities that Amazon Kindle and other services are allowing, the whispers of my cynical self have also grown louder.

Just because it’s easier than ever to self-publish, doesn’t mean we’re suddenly going to be deluged in an era of great literature. Consider this, even when the gates to traditional publishing were fortress-strong, bad horrible books were still finding places on book shelves.

What happens when you throw the gates open?

An ever increasing amount of bad fiction will flood the market.

Because we’ve all known a bad writer who was intent on delivering that opus come hell or high water, despite their weaknesses. Hell, I’ve been that person. Yeah, I had talent and great ideas, but my writing was poor. It wasn’t until I worked for three years at a newspaper, in a professional environment where I routinely took criticism, that I learned how to write effectively.

But here’s the thing – before I wrote professionally, I had no idea how bad I was. If e-publishing had been around back then, I surely would have put out crap book after crap book, wasting my time and tarnishing my name.

Larry Brooks at StoryFix recently delivered an important reality check for would-be self-published writers.

We’re hearing this a lot lately: it’s easier than ever to get published these days.

But is that really the goal?  If you buy your own seat on stage are you really part of the show?

Agree or disagree with his whole message, here’s what I got out of it – If you intend to make a living as a novelist, write your book like you’re still trying to sell it to a publisher. Edit the hell out of it, make sure you’ve got a decent cover, and know you’re going to have to work hard to promote.

Read the whole post here.

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