What The Amazon Kindle Means To Publishing

With the recent success stories of writers hitting it big via self-publishing, and at Amazon, in particular, the company is in a great position, as are writers who sell their e-books there.

A recent post at BlogKindle examined what the success of e-books at Amazon means in general for writers, such as bypassing the former gatekeepers at the publishing houses.

However, the post also emphasizes one of the negatives of self-publishing which has to be considered by writers.

The downside of self-publishing, no matter how easy the actual process of book creation is, is self-promotion.  Not much of a chance that you’re going to be the next big thing if you can’t let people know that you wrote a book, that your book is about something they might be interested in, and, at a slightly later stage, that there are people who have read your book and enjoyed it.

Read the whole post here.

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