Self Publishing Webinar: Coming February 22

Publisher’s Weekly and Digital Book World are organizing a webinar called, The Evolution of Self-Publishing for February 22.

Details from the website:

A free WEBcast presented by Digital Book World and Publishers Weekly.

Seth Godin. J.A. Konrath. William Paul Young. Amanda Hocking.

It’s safe to say that the stigma surrounding self-publishing is fading fast, if not already a thing of the past, as the barriers to distribution have collapsed and even traditional publishers have established self-publishing imprints of their own.

In this free WEBcast, “The Evolution of Self-Publishing,” we will discuss how self-publishing is empowering authors, disintermediating publishers, and the impact it’s having on the marketplace, especially where ebooks are concerned.

* How has “self-publishing” evolved in the digital age?
* Who are the new partners, intermediaries and sales channels?
* Where do “traditional” publishers and agents fit?
* What are the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls for authors?

* Louisa Ermelino, Reviews Director, Publishers Weekly
* Jason Pinter, novelist and literary agent, Waxman Literary
* Phil Sexton, Publisher and Community Leader, Writer’s Digest
* Victoria Strauss, novelist and co-founder of Writer Beware

* Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Chief Executive Optimist, Digital Book World

“The Evolution of Self-Publishing” will be WEBcast live on Tuesday, February 22nd at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Register today!

Sign up here.

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