How To Achive Self Publishing Success Via Kindle?

Derek J. Canyon posted a great piece last month examining data including a list of authors who have sold more than 1,000 e-books via Amazon, to see what qualities the biggest sellers had in common.

The top selling genres included romance, paranormal, thriller, and mystery, though these categories made up only a little more than half the sales. The rest of the list was represented by a wide array of genres.

Canyon also broke down how much money authors stand to make via e-books.

First, is 1,000 or more sales per month an indicator of success? That’s a good question. We don’t know how many of those books were given away for free or for a low price such as $0.99 (which would garner the author only $0.35 per sale).

But, even at a cover price of only $0.99, an author would make $350/month if they sold 1,000 units. That’s $4,200 per year. That’s not enough for a career, but it is a very nice income boost. I’d call this a success for any “hobbyist” or newbie author. If I make $4,200 this year, I’ll certainly consider it a success.

Read his whole post here.

Link found via Publetariat.

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