The Reports Of Publishing's Death Are Exaggerations

Publishing and books are not dead.To bastardize Twain’s quote a bit, the reports of publishing’s death are exaggerations.

It wasn’t too long ago that doomsayers seemed all too eager to bury the written word in favor of a digital world in which we’d all suck from a collective electronic teat until we forgot how to read and devolved back into whatever primordial ooze from whence we originated.

Who knew that the digital world would instead be the phoenix on which publishing would arise?

McSweeney’s posted an essay declaring the livelihood of publishing, and books in general, to be much better than assumed.

The good news is that there isn’t as much bad news as popularly assumed. In fact, almost all of the news is good, and most of it is very good. Book sales are up, way up, from twenty years ago. Young adult readership is far wider and deeper than ever before. Library membership and circulation is at all-time high. The good news goes on and on.

Read the whole essay here and check out the facts for yourself.

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